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Fitting a bike in an '03 Corolla, or a WRX?(3 posts)

Fitting a bike in an '03 Corolla, or a WRX?DrD
Jul 20, 2002 6:40 PM
Ok - so with the move, house purchase, etc. over, it's new car for me time (been driving the same car for 11 years... I figure I'm due!) - looking at either the Subaru WRX wagon (fast and fun... bike will definitely fit inside) or an '03 Corolla (more economical... actually a really nice car - big improvement over the previous generation) - problem with the Corolla is, unlike with the old ones, when you fold down the rear seats, the opening is smaller than it could be - I think I can get the bike through, but I am not sure... anyone out there have a Corolla and put their bike inside the car? (I don't want a roof rack, etc. - bike is safer inside the car)

Hoping to make a decision soon (next few days) - I have to order the Corolla, and won't get it until Sept. (the WRX is on the lot... they are already doing the hard sell... it's pretty tempting, whereas on the Corolla, it's so hot at the moment, you pretty much pay msrp, esp. if you order one) I'll probably just bring the bike down to the dealer on Monday and give it a try (they said I could, so why not!)
I vote WRXlnin0
Jul 22, 2002 6:40 AM
What ever you do don't pay MSRP no matter how "HOT" they tell you the car is. That is the second oldest line in the book. Right behind 'special orders will cost you MSRP - no dealing'.

Try getting a quote online and then take that to your local dealer. The local VW dealer was trying to sell us a Jetta at 9% over invoce (barely under sticker). I submitted a request online at and a dealer 1 hr away got me the same car at 1% over invoice. I tried to get the local dealer to match. I even called him out on the exact invoice cost when he tried to lie and he still refused. So for me 1hr is not to far to save $1000+ dollars and the local dealer will only get the privalage of changing the oil.

Also, if you are ordering the car not on the lot they should give you a better deal as they don't have anything already invested in it. Everything above their cost is pure profit.

Anyway, not trying to tell you what to do...just trying to help. some friends with the WRX Wagon - it is not your fathers station wagon, that is for sure ;)
leaning that way...DrD
Jul 22, 2002 6:40 PM
Well - the bike fits in the Corolla no problem... drove both cars again today... thing is, they are two completely different, purpose built cars, and both are in my opinion the highest bang for the buck in each area - one is a low-cost, luxury/smooth/reliable vehicle... the other is a no-holds-barred racer... it's a lot of fun to drive (esp. when the rev's top 3k and the turbo spools up... the car is a serious screamer) As a tall (6'3") person, it's hard to find smaller cars which I fit well in - the Corolla is comfortable, as is the WRX - more room in the latter, but the seats have poor lumbar support... decisions decisions decisions... oh - there is also the $5k difference in price to consider, I suppose...