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ashma inhaler and riding(5 posts)

ashma inhaler and ridingishmael
Jul 20, 2002 6:21 PM
My dad got me an ashma inhaler to help my exercise induced ashma. I dont know anything about inhalers and he doesnt have much to say about it other than try it once without riding to see what happends, and it will likely make my heart go faster. I'm aprehensive, he doesnt have much to say. Anyone else use one? I dont have it on me now so I dont know what drug it is but it's probably stadard fare for ashma. How long are it's affects and when do you use it? I planned to mainly use it on high ozone days, they bother me the most, I dont want to get into the habit of having to suck a drug down before every ride.

Is'nt it somewhat of a performance enhancer because it increases the heart rate? I think Jan Ulrich was questioned about his using one.
re: ashma inhaler and ridingRavik
Jul 20, 2002 8:07 PM
I use one on days that seem like they may be
particularly bad, vis a vis ozone, pollution etc.
I don't use it frequently, but it does help.
I haven't noticed an increase in heart rate, but I'm
not paying real close attention to my HR monitor
except on days I'm doing intervals.
Know that there are plenty of other riders who
use inhalers.
You may also find it helpful on days that are cold.
re: ashma inhaler and ridingzeke
Jul 20, 2002 10:03 PM
Dont take any medication without knowing the possible side effects. You may be on a long ride, feel strange and may think the feeling is nothing, yet it may be a serious side effect of the med.

At least look it up in the PDR (Physician's Desk Reference). YOu can find it on the net. Also, just key in the name of the med on yahoo or some other search engine and take a look at a few of the sites.
Take care.
Be careful.
re: ashma inhaler and ridingbfuller24
Jul 20, 2002 10:39 PM
I recently started using an "Albuterol" (sp) inhaler on particularly bad allergy days for me. I don't have full blown asthma but wheezing every once in a while. The albuterol works great for the wheezing but...recently I tapered 10 days for a very difficult century. My allergies are always worse when I am stressed and without exercise (due to taper) stress went up and allergies got worse. Used my inhaler 3 nights in a row (Wed, Thurs, and Fri) before the Satruday century. This was more usage than ever before for me. On the morning of the century, around the house, my HR monitor said 110 (my usual resting is 44-46) and during the first 2/3 of the century I coudln't get my HR below 175 and it often went to 185. Resting at the lunch stop for 20 minutes and it still did not fall below 170! I felt like I was carrying a huge weight up all the hills and even was struggling on the flats. After lunch, from about 75 miles on, my exercising heart rate dropped back to about 160-165 and I felt much better at the end than I did at the beginning...I think the drug had a chance to clear by that point. Doctor said repeated, frequent use of inhaler can cause a "racing heart rate" which can be dangerous. Moral of the out for side effects and don't try anything new on a big day. Can't imagine that Jan Ulrich would use Albuterol inhaler as a performance had exactly the opposite effect on me.
re: ashma inhaler and ridingGregJ
Jul 21, 2002 11:00 PM
I have used an Albuterol inhaler for asthma for a few years. I have never experienced anything like that. Possibly my heart rate will bump up a few beats. You should definately talk with your doctor about this. I take mine in my jersey pocket, and I use it only when necessary, which is not that often. Usually I will slow down, and relax after using the inhaler. If I feel better, I may start riding hard again, but usually I just treat the rest of the ride as a recovery ride and cruise home if I am by myself. My wife gets asthma almost every time she rides and she uses hers before setting out, I don't think she has ever experienced any heart rate racing either. There are other ways to treat asthma, albuterol is very cheap, but you should look into alternatives if it is causing you problems. There is a really good book available regarding asthma treatment for athletes. I am sure a search on Amazon would bring it up. Keeping general hayfever under control will be a bonus in treating asthma if you have those problems as well. Housecleaning, getting rid of feather pillows and feather filled bedspreads helped me a bit when I first started to have some symptoms several years ago.