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To the sport physiologists of you(3 posts)

To the sport physiologists of youNoam
Jul 19, 2002 10:48 PM
A glucose tolerance test that I had recently showed impaired fasthing glocose level of 6.3mmol/L. Does this mean that I can not use carbohydrates rich energy food for performnce cycling?. What other options do i have?.

I a 58 years male old and ride 200km aweek.
re: To the sport physiologists of youRich_Racer
Jul 20, 2002 8:31 AM
No it doesn't mean that at all but you will have to go and see a doctor to figure out exactly how hypoglycemic you are and therefore how long before and after exercise you should take on board carbs. You may need glucagon injections if it's bad enough.
re: To the sport physiologists of youterzo rene
Jul 20, 2002 10:59 AM
How the body responds depends greatly on what you are doing at the time. If you took the same test aboard a trainer you likely would have far different results. Carbs ingested after the start of exercise don't provoke the same increase in insulin that they do when you are sitting on your ass in a lab waiting room.

Hopefully you have a good doc who will actually do some research before answering your questions.