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Possible fraud???(2 posts)

Possible fraud???robocomp
Jul 19, 2002 5:56 PM
I ordered a cane creek IS6 integrated headset from
It arrived today. I got a little suspicious off the bat because it
was packaged funny and looked used possibly. Although the
round tube it came in says IS6, the top cap of the headset says only IS.
When I looked at the cane creek site, it appears that the IS2 and IS6
headset caps are clearly marked either IS2 or IS6 and then the basic
IS headset is marked just IS. I looked back at the pricepoint site
and they show pics of the IS2 and IS6 headsets with only an IS marking.
Does anyone have an IS6 headset from a different vendor that has an IS2 or IS6
marking on it? Thanks
Don't get me started on!Tommy B
Jul 21, 2002 10:38 AM
I can't help you with the IS6 headset, but I've been burned enough by that company that I will never order from them again. My best advice to you is to return the headset for a refund and get your return shipping refunded as well.

If you have suspicions that it might be used or isn't really what you ordered, don't take any chances.

Once I ordered a Selle Italia Prolink Gel saddle that seemed like a factory second. The leather in the back was coming unglued in an area about an inch long, the leather wasn't trimmed cleanly (there was a "flap" of extra leather), and the gel area had a severe indentation in it as though the saddle had been compressed under a pile of stuff for a long time and it wasn't going away. When I called to complain, I felt like I was being given the run-around. I was told it was the last one. I asked when they expected to get more and they acted like they were never going to get more in (which felt like they were pressuring me to keep the saddle!) The rails were unmarked so it had never been used, but I've never seen a Selle Italia saddle so poorly constructed.

Another time I ordered an Answer Pro-Taper riser bar. When it came I was disgusted to see that it had severe scratches on it just to the left and right of where the stem would clamp. It was shipped alone in its own box within a larger box so nothing else that I ordered could have caused the scratches during shipping. One was so deep that it was sharp when I ran my finger over it. Nobody should be riding this thing. Also, it didn't match the online photo...instead of laser etched graphics, it had thick ugly stickers with dayglow yellow letters (I think they had been kicking this bar around since the late 80's). This part wasn't on sale, or clearance or advertised as 2nd quality.

I've also been frustrated by their lack of attention when filling orders. I've ordered a set of Gore Ride-On brake and der. cables in black/clear liner and got TWO sets of DER. cables in black/YELLOW liner. It's such a pain in $%#@* to have to schlep over to the post office to return something because of someone elses mistake. Then I had to hound them to refund my return shipping.

There were other frustrations but I think you can see the pattern. Each of these orders had been far enough apart in time from the last to the point where I had either forgotten that I'd decided never to buy from them again or I thought I'd give them another chance because their prices were lower.

I'd rather pay a little more and keep my sanity! Remember, when you call them and you're on hold, their recording keeps repeating, "Pricepoint...where price is the point". Well, notice they don't say that the point is customer satisfaction, or their integrity, or product quality, etc.!

Now I get the REAL point.