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Approaching stop signs, signals(8 posts)

Approaching stop signs, signalsBreakfast
Jul 19, 2002 7:47 AM
Do you, when you get near a stop sign or signal, within the last 15 yards or so, assume a more center lane position when continuing straight so as to allow cars behind room to make right turns?

And when you try to do this, how often does it seem to happen that cars continuing straight coming behind you try to push you out of the way even though there's only several feet left before the limit line?

These dumb motorists are programmed to pass any bike on the left and will do so no matter what is going on in front of them even if it means crossing the center line.

The "Me first" mentality pervades all facets of our society, I'm afraid.
I try to stay consistentScot_Gore
Jul 19, 2002 9:04 AM
When approaching intersections I try and keep the same line and position I was holding in the approach. If I'm not turning right I don't move into right turn lanes and I expect cars to drop into a right turn lane after I pass. If there's no right turn lane I don't try to make room for a right turn on red.

IMHO: If I'm continuing straight (and not turning left), moving out and claiming more lane makes me look squirrely to the non-cyclist driver.

my two cents

squeeze playwonderdog
Jul 19, 2002 9:43 AM

I always move into the center of the lane if i'm continuing straight through the intersection. the last thing i need is a motorist squeezing me into the curb on the far side of the intersection..... as another car coming at me from the right (and making a right turn) zips up to the intersection and brakes late. sounds like a recipe for an accident.

to answer the original poster's questions... 1) I always move over and pretend like i'm a car. if i need to, i'll stand up or move my left arm out from my side. usually, if a motorist sees you moving, some sort of switch gets thrown and they realize that you are a living human being. either that or they are giving me more space because they're afraid i'll hit them. either way, the best end result is achieved...we all make it through the intersection safely. 2) once in awhile, cars still try to come around me. people are morons. what are ya gonna do?

awareness of those around you is the key to safety. always think 3 moves ahead and pretend like other drivers can't see you.

Yes to one, no to twoMcAndrus
Jul 19, 2002 9:09 AM
I move up to allow right turns behind me. Most often the car takes advantage of this courtesy. I've never had a car come around on my left and turn right in this situation.
I act like a vehicle...biknben
Jul 19, 2002 9:52 AM
When I come to an intersection I make a point of acting like a car. If there are multiple lanes I position myself in the appropriate one. Meaning, if I'm going straight and there is a right turn lane, I move out into the lane going straight. For a left turn, I'll move into the left turn lane.

In your case, I would move over to the center of the lane and approach the stop sign as if I was a car. That ensures that I will be seen and not cut off by someone behind me.
What about...Breakfast
Jul 19, 2002 1:41 PM
...the guy (or gal) who speeds up on their approach just because they see you begin to move over a bit to allow room for right turning cars.

I mean if I'm going to get to the limit line first fair and square and I'm going straight, I'm going to claim the center of that lane so that I am first in line. That car has to wait behind me instead of pushing me out of his way. If I'm on a busier main road with intersections and lights I'm not as assertive due to the mass of cars and their acceleration when the light goes green.

This stuff happens on the more rural roads with little traffic by drivers who just want to get pass what they perceive as an annoyance.

I'm just curious how others see what I feel are my clear intentions signaled to motorists that I want them to know I'm going straight, that there's room to make a right if that's what they need, and to just give me a little room, please!
What about...Scot_Gore
Jul 19, 2002 3:59 PM
Ok, I don't think I understood the original question.

Is this a correct example. You're approaching a red light and no car is going to beat you to it. You pull into the lane to claim the space and stop. While waiting for the green, a car pulls up on your left (likely crossing the center line with some of the left side of the car, USA example) and makes a right turn in front of you. If you were a car, that would paitently wait their turn behind you for the green, as a bike, they just blow through as if you weren't there, is that right?

Jul 19, 2002 6:25 PM
You pull up to stop sign or signal and move more to the center in case somebody needs to turn right.

Car wanting to go straight that is moving up behind you tries to pull up on your left in the same lane like you don't exist.