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for anyone who might be tight with chris carmichael . . .(9 posts)

for anyone who might be tight with chris carmichael . . .latindork
Jul 18, 2002 6:54 PM
does anyone happen to know what lance's (or any other top-level rider's) VO2max is? just wondering how he stacks up to guys like steve prefontaine, whose was once measured at 82.74.
When I took ex. phys. I heard............litespeedcat
Jul 18, 2002 7:35 PM
When I was a student at Furman Univ. one of my Excercise Physiology Profs said that Lance had the highest recorded VO2 and that it was 92 ml/kg/min. That number may have changed because I heard this info about him pre-cancer in 1995 when he did the Tour Dupont. That's why our Prof brought him up and he made our class work the stage that came through Greenville, SC. Yeah, I really hated having to work the race as a class project,(sarcasim).

I would suspect that his VO2 could have gone up slightly since then, due to the post-cancer drop in body wieght .
When I took ex. phys. I heard............latindork
Jul 18, 2002 8:12 PM
what is your name? i just graduated from furman in june! i took HES 10 from dr. powell, who loved to refer to himself as the senior member of the department. i'm sorry i never got to see the tour dupont come through -- i suppose it was before my time that it came through g'vegas. my roommate ran into george hincapie at the pac, and chatted with him for a few. i was sorry i missed that chance too. anyhow, thanks for the info, hope to chat with you about ol' FU.
Matt Brown
Marietta, GA
Another Furmanite, well sort ofdmoller
Jul 19, 2002 5:25 AM
went my freshman yr (1982) then transferred to UGA. Heard the campus/school's much different now than back then (ie, coed dorms, talk about change....). Anyway, also in the Marietta/East Cobb area if you ever want to try hooking up for a ride.
Not sure about that...Wayne
Jul 19, 2002 3:00 AM
I think your professor may have been confused for two reasons. If that was Armstrong's VO2max then his would be unbelievable now! and I've heard that same number attributed to Migual Indurain as the highest VO2max and that was around Big Mig's heyday!
Additionally I would think there would be a rower or cross-country skier with a higher VO2max because those sports use a greater % of the muscle mass, which influences VO2max measurements.
Not sure about that...2_cheap
Jul 19, 2002 4:00 AM
I think you're right. Indurain had the highest VO2 max of any recorded cyclist, while either Bjorn Daele or Vegard Ulvang (both Norweigan x-country skiers) had the highest recorded of any athlete.
new yorker article . .tarwheel
Jul 19, 2002 4:30 AM
A recent issue of New Yorker article had a great article on Lance Armstrong, the Posties and the TDF. In that article, it states that Lance's current VO2Max is 85. I would highly recommend this article to anyone -- cyclist or not. New Yorker, in my opinion, consistently publishes the best journalism in the US and this article is no exception. Here's a link to an on-line version --
Thanks for the link!js5280
Jul 19, 2002 9:25 AM
Great article, some interesting new info and better perspective of the actual capabilities of a professional cyclist. I liked the start of the article. Got me thinking of idea for a commerical. . .have the USPS team car be a rally car speeding along (in rally style of course) trying to keep up w/ Lance on a mountain pass :-)
check this out....NPA
Jul 19, 2002 5:26 AM
go to and look under the FAQ section..
lists his VO2 as 83.5 and resting HR as 32...may be a little dated as its been there a while..