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why do people sell a bike and keep the pedals????(5 posts)

why do people sell a bike and keep the pedals????stik__boy
Jul 18, 2002 4:04 PM
re: why do people sell a bike and keep the pedals????Juanmoretime
Jul 18, 2002 4:13 PM
High end bike users are very particular about every component on their bikes, including the pedal systems. High end bike companys know this and don't spec a pedal. Since your new bike doesn't have pedals and you own the ones you really like to ride, they come off and go on the new bike.
Ever had a pair of real comfortable shoes? nmLeroy
Jul 19, 2002 4:07 AM
So buyers don't all ask "how much without the pedals?"off roadie
Jul 19, 2002 5:38 AM
There's a good chance the bike will have the "wrong" pedals, from the buyers point of view, so why include something that is probably going to get replaced? Like others said, its easier for each bike buyer just to provide thier own pedals, and keep them when they go to buy another bike.
Hidden price (Profit) increase.Len J
Jul 19, 2002 6:14 AM
Lots of good points about how pedals are unique to riders and therefor no need to include them. If this were true then bikes would come without saddles. Used to be shops would allow you to trade out pedals (like seats) when you bought a new bike, not anymore, most bikes come without pedals. Why?

Because its easy to justify & it reduces the manufacturers and shops cost without reducing the price, higher profit. Lemond started this in 2001. The buenos Aires I bought new in 200 for $1,299 came with pedals, same bike, same components different color no pedals in 2001, I could have bought for, you guessed it $1,299 from the same retailer.

Done solely for profit.

In the used market, I think most sellers are transferring theior pedals to their new bikes.