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Wireless computer that fits Newton bar/Cosmic blade spokes?(2 posts)

Wireless computer that fits Newton bar/Cosmic blade spokes?Gator
Jul 18, 2002 9:31 AM
Just returned the Specialized that the guy KNEW would fit. Didn't. Anyone know which one will? Prefer wireless w/cadence, but may be willing to make some sacrifices. Thanks.
re: Wireless computer that fits Newton bar/Cosmic blade spokes?DINOSAUR
Jul 18, 2002 11:28 AM
I have Deda Magic 31.7 bars on my new ride. What I did was purchase a Chonometro Nob Computer Mount that attaches to your stem. Available at Colorado Cyclist for $9.99. I used a Vetta Computer RT88 Wireless, not sure of model with candence. The problem with the Vetta is that is has no second bike setting, which I used to keep track of my weekly miles. The magnet attaches to the rounded part of my spokes near the spoke nipple.

Or a Cateye computer can be afixed to the bars with a small zip lock tie, make sure you get one that is narrow and long enough. I was told that Cateye makes an adapter for the oversized bars that can be ordered through your LBS.

Try the zip lock first, a quick and easy fix, it won't work for the Vetta computers as the mounting screw is screwed into the computer mount itself.

Or there is a Sigma computer model that has a mount you can order that attaches to your stem.

I'm happy with the Vetta, but I have to keep a log for my weekly miles. And if you go with a Vetta, just follow the little illustrations, it makes it a lot easier to install.