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Rhody....(4 posts)

Jul 18, 2002 9:21 AM
Thread was disappearing below, so started a new one where you'd see it. I lived on 68th between Fairview and Main St until '79, then 59th behind the YMCA for a year before moving to ATL in 1980. Went to El Sierra for elem. school, O'neill for two years and DGS for two. Give me your initals (and (fe)male would help too) and I'll look you up in the DGS yearbook to see if I recognize you. Mine are DRM (male) and I lost the specs long ago so no wisecracks. Played soccer at O'Neill and swam/dove for two years at DGS. Played plenty of little league at Doerhofer and forget the name of the ball field next to the RR tracks between downtown and Belmont.
Was that Gilbert Park, maybe?RhodyRider
Jul 18, 2002 12:21 PM
I think thats it anyway...Doerhofer was the happenin' spot, though, no doubt. I played junior football at both places in boyhood days. I wasn't on any of the sports teams at O'Neill or DGS, not a nerd but not a big jock, either. Do you remember Brian Krajewski, one of the starting guards on the Elite 8 DGS basketball team in '80? He's the MAYOR of Downers now, has been for the past 4-5 years. He's a good guy, used to be my insurance agent before I moved away.
Bizarre!! My initials are E.M.K., male, I'd be a freshman in the '80 yearbook, complete with brutal soup-bowl haircut I'm sure. My sister was in there, too, initials J.M.K., she graduated in '80, possibly look her up too.
Strange that we lived so (relatively) close those many years ago, and now, separated by many miles and in two very different places, here we are. Gotta love the net!
You are correct sir...dmoller
Jul 19, 2002 5:47 AM
Gilbert it was. Played pony league there two years. Heard about Brian from a neighbor/friend I've known since kindergarden and recently bought her childhood house from her parents. She worked on his mayoral campaign too. I can still remember that b'ball game in '80 almost like it was yesterday. Got back from Calif. spring break trip, got tickets to go downstate on the bus, great game until the last minute. Buses got back about 3 AM. Contend goaltending non-call cost us the state championship. I'll look you up in the yearbook tonight when I get home. My aforementioned friend has an older sister (Sharon H.) who I'm pretty sure would have been in your sister's class of '80. Cool "talking" to you.
That "darned" Russell Cross!!RhodyRider
Jul 19, 2002 9:11 AM
HE was the goal-tender, that dirty rat. I totally agree, DGS should have wone that one and I too think they would then have won it all. C'est la Vie.
I have to dig my old "Caracole" yearbooks out now, for sure, I'll look you and the others up. Stay cool down there in Hot-lanta, I'll be back to you next week after I've viewed the pix. Peace!