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Good Entry Level Road Bike.(5 posts)

Good Entry Level Road Bike.LtTerp
Jul 18, 2002 6:53 AM
Hi Everyone,

I wanted to find out what would be an inexpensive good road bike to purchase? I've been riding XC MTB for a while now, however, I wanted to know what would be a good entry level road bike to purchase (new or used) for those days I don't want to hit the trails and just relax and ride. Thanks

Felt 75 or 85niteschaos
Jul 18, 2002 7:19 AM
I ride a Felt 75 because it was the lightest and cheapest bike I could get that would also shift from the drops, a requirement for the true road bike experience. I later found out the Felt's bikes are so cheap cause its trying to take some US market spots away from Giant. I was surprised with the quality of the frame. Search on this site for some more reviews and such. Thier site is
I also ride the F75mlester
Jul 18, 2002 9:24 AM
and I have been pleased so far. So far being 240 m. Being able to shift from the drops was the deciding factor for me as well, up until I found the Felt, I didn't see a price under $1000us that featured this. Definitely the best investment I have made.

Jul 18, 2002 6:03 PM
finally! people are talking about felt. there aren't many reviews on the net because they're so new. and i've narrowed my choices for a new bike down to the giant tcr and felt 105/ultegra series. i'm glad someone finally said they're were pleased.
re: Good Entry Level Road Bike.Slip Stream
Jul 19, 2002 4:42 AM
When you stated "inexpensive" you did not define your threshold of pain. A difference between road bikes and mtb is that roadies do not wear out parts. This is important to keep in mind when shopping for an inexpensive bike.

My mtb started out as 30# pig with cheap components for about $500. The frame fit was excellent. The finish was so-so. After breaking and replacing every part on the bike but the frame I now have a 21# mud skipper with a scratched frame. I would put that bike up against any $1800 mtb on the market.

When looking at road bikes, what you pick could be with you, in its original form for a very long time. Fit, finish and components should be picked wisely. Fit and finish are "eye of the beholder" things that you must decide on your own. Most folks say buy 105 components or higher. Think of 105 as LX. Ultegra as XT. Another consideration is pedals. Do you ride clipless? If so look for a bike that comes with compatable pedals. Saves the expense of buying new shoes. And what about the shop? Will they work with you to help fit, tune and maintain the bike? Don't buy a road bike from a 16 year old who doesn't tie his shoes. The old guy will have much more experience and knowledge. He is the one who can steer you away from the junk and make sure the bike fit is at least close.

Also, pick a bike you think you can sell in two years for a price that will work as a down payment on that unobtainium, Dura Ace, Krysium equipped dream bike that you couldn't or wouldn't buy as first road bike.

That was my two cents. I hope it helps.