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Oddsandendos wheelsets: Are they any good?(4 posts)

Oddsandendos wheelsets: Are they any good?Itself
Jul 18, 2002 3:22 AM
These folks were recommended to me through a reply here on this site. I'm looking for more feedback on people who own them.
re: Oddsandendos wheelsets: Are they any good?Steve_O
Jul 18, 2002 6:02 AM
The gentleman's name is Mike Garcia. He regularly posts on as Bianchi4me on the wheel building forum and the weight weenie forum. He gets pretty good reviews for his builds and services but is usually pretty busy. Try calling him vs. e-mailing him for a quicker response.
re: Oddsandendos wheelsets: Are they any good?mpm32
Jul 18, 2002 6:56 AM
I have a set of his wheels that I got a month ago. I use them strictly for racing and sometimes when I'm too lazy to switch to my training wheelset.

They are;
Tune Hubs 28h front and rear laced to American Classic 350g rims with wheelsmith aero 15 semi-bladed spokes.

Front weighs 580 g
Rear 723 g
Total 1303 g

These are real weights not some claimed manufacturers weight. I save just over 3/4 of a pound from my old wheelset.

The ride;

They ride great, super quick wind-up I can really notice the difference when climbing. Very stable on the descents, what goes up must come down - right? The Tune hubs spin very smoothly but are a little loud. I am used to quiet rear hubs. I'm used to that now and I kind of like it. They are very stiff when sprinting and when climbing out of the saddle, there is no brake rub and I run my brakes really close. The rims are light and Mike told me that the sidewalls are thinner than heavier rims so they will probably wear faster. They do fill up with water when I race in the rain and have to be stripped to drain. Mike uses richey rim strips and when they got wet I got a flat when the tube pushed thru the strip into the spoke hole. I changed them to the tried and true Velox. After stripping and drying them the first time, I replaced my tires/tubes. My wife was rushing me, we had to be somewhere and I pumped them up. A little while later - BOOM the front blew out. Must have pinched the tube. Crap - changed the tube, pumped up, put the wheel in the fork, spun it and it seemed out of true. Off to my truing stand - it wasn't out of true. The force of the tire blowing out bulged out the sidewalls. Sent it back to Mike and he replaced the rim for me very quickly. I now lower the pressure when the wheels are in the car to prevent the heat from blowing the tire so I don’t bulge the rim again.

In summary, I am very happy with these wheels. I got a great deal on a very light set of wheels. Mike was a pleasure to deal with and he involved me in all aspects of the component choices. I recommend him to anyone looking for new wheels.
re: Oddsandendos wheelsets: Are they any good?bike_guy
Jul 18, 2002 6:52 AM
I have had a set of wheels he built since April and I love them. I have about 1500 miles on them and there have been no problems. They are Velocity Aerohead rims and an Am. Classic rear hub and a Ringle Son of Bubba front hub. They are extremely light, 1500 grams, and very strong, and reasonably priced. Although I am fairly lightweight I went with 14/15 spokes instead of Revolutions. This would have made them about 30 - 40 grams lighter. Give Mike a call and let him know what you want and he will discuss all pros and cons of it. He spent about 30 minutes with me going over the type of riding I do, my weight, condition of the roads I ride on, etc. Like the other person said calling him is the quickest way to reach him.