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What's comparable to a Klein Quantum or Trek 2300?(4 posts)

What's comparable to a Klein Quantum or Trek 2300?ronniedee
Jul 17, 2002 5:16 PM
These are what I have narrowed my list down to for my first roadbike. (I have been riding a MTB for a while now.)

Will be using it for general training rides, charity rides, and hopefully work up to a century. I am not planning on racing at this point, but I am not ruling it out either.

My price range for the bike is $1500-2000. Is there anything else out there that I have missed. The Lemond just did not fit right and I hated the harshness of the Cannondale (the aluminum Klein and Trek felt so much better to me).
did you get the size figured out???C-40
Jul 17, 2002 6:18 PM
The last post I read, you thanked everyone for their advice on sizing which was 90% wrong. Everyone provided guidance on frames with short top tubes, which is the opposite of what you need.

If you are 5'-11" tall with an inseam of only 32.5 inches, you have a long torso and short legs. There are few brands that have TT lengths as long as the two that you are considering. The 58 Trek and 56 Klein are comparable, but both are vetically larger than would normally be recommended (barely 2cm of standover clearance).

You need to keep sizing in mind. If it doesn't fit, it's not worth buying. The 56 Trek and 54 Klein would be the appropriate size vertically, but they will require a 1cm longer stem than the larger sizes.

If you tried a 55cm (c-c) Lemond, it should not have fit that much different than the Klein or Trek. It would just require a 1cm longer stem.

Is someone adjusting the saddle fore/aft position to the same KOP position before you test these bikes? Is the stem length the same on all of them? These things must be considered, before you can say that a bike "doesn't fit". If you haven't adjusted the saddle properly and at least noted any difference in the "stock" stem length, you aren't making valid comparisons. Stems come if different lengths so you can improve the fit. Long torso riders often have little choice but to use a 130mm stem, unless they want to pay extra for a custom frame.

I think that you will find most other brands to have shorter effective top tube lengths, once the difference in seat tube angle is accounted for. I would usually suggest that a long-torso rider look into a sloping top tube frame, to increase standover clearance, but none of the models that I've looked at have any more top tube length than you can get from the Klein or Trek.
did you get the size figured out???ronniedee
Jul 18, 2002 6:08 PM
Thanks, C40. I have noticed that you give a lot of people seemingly good advice. After reading your comments that my torso was actually long, I remeasured the cycling inseam, along with other measurements (using the Wrenchscience site). This time I measured out at 34.50".

Here are the other measurements from wrenchscience:
Height: 71"
Sternum Notch: 60"
Arm Length: 25"
Shoulder width: 20"
Weight: 165#
Shoe size: 45UK

I had a friend assist with this one. Funny thing is, I got the 32.5" at a bike shop and then got the same measurement myself the same night at home. It must be that I pushed the book up tighter against the groin area this time (firm, but not enough to be painful.)

Wrenchscience put the measurements to fit a 57-59cm frame with an overall reach (tt + stem) at 68.

Trek2300 eff TT is 57.4cm on size 56cm
58.4cm on size 58cm
Klein Quantum effective TT is 57.2cm on size 56
58.7cm on size 58

Does this sound like a good fit, giving enough leeway to play with the stem without altering handling characteristics too extensively?

I appreciate any suggestions and feedback!
did you get the size figured out???SlowPokey
Jul 18, 2002 8:11 PM
I'm on my second Klein Roadbike now. I have a 31" inseam on a good day. My first Klein was a 53cm, my new Klein is a 54cm. I swear my 53 was taller than my 54. Klein has a weird way of measuring.

Have to say I love, LOVE my Klein. I have never ridden a carbon fiber bike so I can't comment on the Treks.

I guess I'm trying to say, Don't let your ego determine your size. Some guys say, "No, I ride a 56, not a 53". Kinda like the small #$%$^ syndrome. Don't go in thinking about a number, think about fit instead.

Watch out for Lemonds, those bikes are made for freaks with extra long femurs (like greg). Unless you like mashing huge gears, avoid the Lemonds.