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Le Tour starts tomorrow!(5 posts)

Le Tour starts tomorrow!fcebedo
Jul 17, 2002 2:29 PM
That's right. Tomorrow at 6am. See you at OLN or on the webcasts.

I'm a little tired of these pancake flat stages with a bunch nonames winning. Thank god for the time trials for putting some sense into the overall classification.

So tomorrow the hammer drops and it does not let up for 8 stages. It seems a little extreme this year that these Nasdaq style charts are so bunched up together. There's a rest day next Monday. Sign me up for a 24-hour massage!

There's 181 riders still in the tour. We should see that number drop below 150 before this beating is done. Oh Mr. Mountain Biker Miguel Martinez, you better represent and move up from your 95th place. I know you will.

The darling stage is 16 with 15,351 of climbing in 111 miles!!!

So Lance, be safe and open a can of whupass tomorrow!!

no names?mr_spin
Jul 17, 2002 2:53 PM
Hey, I'm happy the mountains are here too, but can you seriously say these riders are no names?

Armstrong (P)
Friere (2)
McEwen (3)
Kirsipuu (5)
Zabel (6)
Botero (9)

Armstrong, McEwen, Kirsipuu, and Zabel have won multiple stages in the Tour. Even McGee (7), Kroon (8), and Halgand (10) are known riders if you follow the sport.

The only true no-name is Bertogliati, who won stage 1 on a vicious attack and carried yellow for a few days. I think he's earned a name now.
yeah no-names.fcebedo
Jul 17, 2002 3:12 PM
no you're right. Those guys are big players.

I think my problem is most of those guys are non-factors in the yellow jersey. So far, I only appreciate the yellow jersey and the polka dot jersey.

why do you taunt me?scruffyduncan
Jul 18, 2002 12:30 AM
I'm riding the aimes to cluses stage on Monday in the etape du tour. I wake up in cold sweats with that profile in my mind.

I can't wait really ;- )
halla-lew-yeeJS Haiku Shop
Jul 18, 2002 4:01 AM
it works every year
today i'm wearing yellow
yep, my props to lance

those charts represent
topography of stages
or my blood pressure?

sorry, velownews
afraid i've bogged down your site
F5 F5 F...