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Team Setup(4 posts)

Team SetupMr Lou
Jul 17, 2002 9:42 AM
What all do I need to do to setup a new team. Do I have to register the team or the riders with the proper organization (USCF, etc.) Or do we just show up in jerseys, say that we are riding under such and such team and go.
re: Team SetupNo_sprint
Jul 17, 2002 9:50 AM
If you wish to race for a team and not *unattached*, you will have to register with the USCF. You will then be notified that you have to host or co-host two races per year as a team. Pretty simple.
re: Team SetupMr Lou
Jul 17, 2002 9:55 AM
What do you mean? The team will have to host or co-host a race. Also, what do I have to do send them proof that the team or myself co-hosted a race. Maybe im not catching this, could you explain it better.
re: Team SetupNo_sprint
Jul 17, 2002 10:04 AM
Basically, if everyone raced unattached and no teams set up racing, there would be no racing. Meaning, everyone would race but nobody would want the hassle of administering the races every dang weekend. Therefore, since the burden of putting on every race is not the function of the USCF, they are only the sanctioning and licensing body, the responsibility of running races is left to the cyclists themselves through their team involvement.

Therefore, one of the demands of getting a team license with the USCF is the requirement of hosting two races per year. So, get yourself ready if you're a one man team, it's a big deal to set up two races a year, you'll need a lot of friends. If not, you'll have to approach the promoter of two existing races and offer your services in return for co-hosting credit. Our team co-hosts a 3 race series each year and we provide at least 12-15 volunteers all day, we bring tents, chairs, water, fruit, we offer lots of stuff for primes, etc.