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Riding in Groups ... my first time out ...(3 posts)

Riding in Groups ... my first time out ...Ransak
Jul 17, 2002 8:12 AM
I'm fairly new to the roadie thing (converted mtb'er) and got out for my first real group ride yesterday evening (not a big group, just four of us). It was sweet! I was so surprised how much difference pulling/drafting made (relative to solo rides) ... very fast and tons of fun.

The guys I rode with were great and gave me plenty of friendly tips, but might have been too polite to set me straight on some of the finer points of group ride etiquette.

In simple terms, can anyone tell me what some of the most important group ride 'rules', 'etiquette' or other tips might be with respect to training with groups of other riders ...?
The newbie has to buy lunch!AllisonHayes
Jul 17, 2002 8:31 AM
That was what I was told on my first group ride. I looked at them and they were all dead serious. I thought, "I only have $20. How do I graciously back out of this one." And there were at least 20 people on the ride. I must have looked like I swallowed a goldfish.

Anyway after what seemed like an eternity, they all burst out laughing. They said, "Welcome!" And then they were very careful about setting expectations and going over the basic rules.

Communication is key: what kind of pace? what is the route? is there a group leader? is there a sweeper? will the group stay together or break into 2 or three groups (depends on the overall size) and if so, where will you regroup?

Also, avoid two or three abreast in traffic. Be aware of how long a group of cyclists can be and how it may adversely impede traffic flow. Be a bicycle ambassador and don't break laws or be rude to drivers. Use common sense.

Have fun and have a blast!

Jul 17, 2002 9:28 AM
Check out this article as well as the others on the page.

There used to be an excellent article called "Group Riding 101" at but their web server crashed.