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How to buy one's first road bike.(7 posts)

How to buy one's first road bike.MXL02
Jul 17, 2002 7:33 AM
It seems like almost daily there are discussions stemming from a new rider asking how much to pay for a new bike, with the standard arguments, used vs new, being espoused. I personally believed that it was better to get a new bike for $1000-$1200. Well, after reading the most recent thread on the topic, I went to the classifieds here to see what type of bike I could get for $500, and actually there were some pretty good bargains. The key was knowing what frame material and size I wanted. So now I've changed my thoughts on the topic. My suggestion now is go to a bike shop to get fitted and test ride several types of bikes to deterimine what you want, steel, aluminum, etc. Pay for the fit kit if necessary, or use the WrenchScience site to determine proper frame size. Then go to classifieds here and get your bargain starter bike. Seems like the best way to go.
Jul 17, 2002 8:43 AM
I knew nothing about road bikes, fit, etc.. All my experiece had been on a mtb until last year. I did my homework. I read ad after ad, here and on ebay. I finally realized what I wanted and sought after it. I ended up with a great deal and a great bike. I'll never buy a new bike again.
As well..........Uprwstsdr
Jul 17, 2002 8:57 AM
I had been out of road riding for 15 years, riding MTB instead. Decided I wanted to get back into road riding, especially after my wife got a great deal on a used Bianchi Eros. I did my research and ended up buying a bike from the RBR classifieds about three weeks ago. I bought a Moser TK1 with DA. I could not be happier. There is no way I could have bought a new bike near this level for the price I paid.
re: first road bike.cyclopathic
Jul 17, 2002 9:06 AM
First bikes are almost never raced and end up either hanging in garage or as commuter/training pig. Second, first bike owners are usually out of shape (either complete newcomers or mtbers looking to get in shape).

From that prospective low end steel bike with triples is the best choice IMHO. They maybe 1-2lbs heavier then Al but this is hardly a fault for training bike. Steel frames usually carry 25 to lifetime warranty (vs Al 3-5 years), have more compliant ride and economically priced. For ~$500 you can buy Reynolds 525 bike with Sora, put another 50$ in tires and you have your first bike.
This all depends on where you live.JackDanielsFSU
Jul 17, 2002 9:47 AM
I live in the Detroit area and when I first started looking for a road bike I checked the classifieds and a bike was not to be found. I live in the Detroit area and sadly this isnt a very road bike community. We have plenty of mountain bikers but to find a used road bike close by where you can go and test it is pretty much out of the question. Even most of the LBS dont carry many road bikes. Maybe a few models but the selection is pretty limited.
I meant the classifieds here on RBR. nmMXL02
Jul 17, 2002 10:08 AM
re: How to buy one's first road bike.NPA
Jul 17, 2002 1:49 PM
agreed...i was on a budget for my first road bike a few months ago. not much to choose from in the local classifieds
but still ended up with a 3-year old trek OCLV/Campy components for under $700. the money saved off a new bike came in very handy for all the miscellaneous gear i needed, and the LBS gave a 10% discount for buying so much,even though i didn't buy the bike from them.