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Help me decide value for Fuji Titanium(1 post)

Help me decide value for Fuji Titaniummaximum15
Jul 17, 2002 6:49 AM
I have located an older, used Fuji Titanium bike that fits me well. Since I have only been cycling about 3 years, I don't have a clue to the value of this bike. I am hoping some of the expert's here can help out. The bike is fitted with Shimano 600 STI levers, brake calipers, cranks, and derailers. Both levers have very minor scrapes from falls. The bike has an 8 speed cassette which I am sure is also Shimano 600. The levers and brake calipers have a matte gray finish and all the Shimano 600 components have a green, light blue, and purple bar color band. I am giving this information in hopes of dating the age of the components. The front has a Spin 3-spoke carbon fiber wheel and the rear has a Spinergy Rev X. Both wheels appear to be in good shape and true enough to not be of concern. The Fuji Titanium frame is not painted; it is natural metal finish. The rear derailer hanger bracket is not replaceable but is integral to the frame. Front fork is a Sakae Litage FX carbon fork; bars are Sakae Modolo (very narrow width). A Vetta SL seat with titanium rails, Ritchey Force steel stem, and Ritchey aluminum seatpost finish the list of parts. Brakes are working, but shifting does not. I believe the shifter cables are just frozen. Tires are dry-rotted, chain is in good condition (well oiled), and bike has been in a garage for at least 4 years. I cannot find any dents or cracks on the frame and the welds appear to be good quality. Any information on quality of the components on this bike, the frame quality, and potential value of the bike would be appreciated. I was told the bike was about 6 years old, but do not know if this is accurate.