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Tire liners for skinny clinchers(2 posts)

Tire liners for skinny clinchersdave woof
Jul 16, 2002 12:17 PM
I was wondering what you guys reccomend for tire liners for 20mm to 23mm clinchers. My last four or five flats were from small shards of glass, bits of fine wire (from a car tire I think), a staple, that kind of stuff. I'm not a weight weenie, but I would like something that goes in easy and works well. - or, do these liners work at all? Those little pieces of wire from car tread seem like they could poke through anything.

Thanks for the help

re: Tire liners for skinny clinchersCrankist
Jul 16, 2002 6:20 PM
None go in easily, but neither are they too tricky.
I have tried Spin-Skins & Mr Tuffy. SS's are light (14 gr.) but not very effective on goathead thorns if that's a concern. The way to keep the Kevlar layer from turning quickly to powder is to maintain at least 100 psi at all times.
Mr. tuffy is heavier (52 gr. I think)but far more effective.
There will be some loss of compliancy in the ride, but much of that can be negated by dropping a few psi.