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Shimano Flight Deck ...(3 posts)

Shimano Flight Deck ...booner
Jul 16, 2002 12:15 PM
I bought a used bike that included a Shimano Flight Deck SC-6500. Didn't get a manual. Bike just got back from the shop and the clock is wrong. Does anyone know how I can get a manual? Went to Shimano's web site ... couldn't find a thing. Have a Vetta on my mountain bike and no problem getting the manual online. Awefully convenient!

re: Shimano Flight Deck ...komatiite
Jul 16, 2002 1:31 PM
i just found this on a link from a post here at RBB. scroll down a bit and it has linx to the 6500.
re: Shimano Flight Deck ...LI Biker
Jul 16, 2002 1:37 PM
With computer off the bike, press and hold both buttons for a few sections to go to setup. I don't remember, but one button advances to the next setup function, the other changes the setup. Play with it and you will figure it out.
I had the older model and Shimano replaced it with the new one - additional features but not manual. It took a few mintues to figure it out.
The other choice it to go to your LBS.
Enjoy, its a good computer. Virtual cadance is strange though.