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Gregg I need a Neutral Partner(3 posts)

Gregg I need a Neutral Partnerpinarello
Jul 16, 2002 11:14 AM
Gregg what is the posibility of becoming a neutral partner. I would like to sell a bike in your classifieds and also offer the buyer a satisfaction guarantee. Let's say you hold the cashiers check till a certain time after receivership of said bike. 24hrs should be a good start. If the buyer is not satisfied then he must contact you and the seller in that time. He is also responsible for shipping the bike back. This would include the shipping charges and packing it safely. I would like to see other's imput their suggestions pro or con. We all have a common bond here and to get over the hurdle of buyer beware lets take a step towards securing the deal and making Greggs classifieds the place to buy and sell. Is 30 to 50 dollars too large a loss over the price of a bike you will not ever be happy with. Will this make you too much of a arbitrator Gregg. Catapult
con...definitely con...gregg
Jul 16, 2002 11:32 AM

In short, it would just be too much extra work for me that I can't afford to do. To be honest, I've been struggling with trying to add new products to the database for review as my number one priority.

I do understand the desire to have this extra security, but I'm sure our parent company ConsumerREVIEW would rather maintain the "caveat emptor" policy that we have now (due to liability issues, I'm sure).

Thanks for the idea though, I realize that having an extra security layer would help boost Classifieds listing (and of course, revenue), but I have to say that the resource trade-off wouldn't be even at this point.

Do you have a partnership relationship with
Jul 16, 2002 1:15 PM
I bought my road bike off the classifieds on this site.

As I recall, after I hit the buy button I got a confirmation of the transaction and some instructions. Amongst those instructions was a recommendation to use Escrow.Com to exchange the merchandise and funds.

That may be a blanket statement you make as part of your "Caveat Impor" (sp?) policy or it could be a formal partnership arrangement similar to an advertising hit. Every sale on the classifieds is a plug for, pay RBR please.