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GT Road frames(9 posts)

GT Road framesWalter
Jul 16, 2002 11:13 AM
Since their bankruptcy and low-rent buy out I've seen a # of their frames pop up at what seem to be cheap prices +/- $250 w/carbon fork. Good deal?

Not to steal thunder but also to avoid "standard" replies: I'm not a newbie and I'm fully aware of the importance of fit also I'm not hunting a new ride right now I'm just curious about what, if I bought one, would be a long-term project.

Your considered opinions are sought and welcomed.
Great Bikejose_Tex_mex
Jul 16, 2002 12:02 PM
I have a ZR1.0 GT and enjoy it very much. It's nice and stiff so it sprints and climbs very well.

The deal you saw for $250 with a carbon fork wasn't new was it? If so I would probably buy the set myself. Even at $350 for the frame ( it's still a bargain.

The only problem I had with mine was slight toe rub. I could always change the rake of the fork but it hasn't bothered me that much.

At prices like these - who cares if they went bankrupt. I am probably going to buy the GT Zaskar for a winter mtn bike.

Best of Luck ?shawndoggy
Jul 16, 2002 12:17 PM
I bought a ZR 3.0 from chuck at for $265 in January (he's since dropped the price). I was coming from an early 90s steel lemond (56). I bought a 56, and the frame is a smidge big, even with the same 56 ctc measurement of the seat tube (I guess it's got a high BB). Also note that the seat clamp is actually about 2cm above the top tube.

OK, I know you didn't want a fit dissertation, but just wanted to give the heads up on what to expect fit-wise. I guess I'm saying you could probably reasonably go a size small (i.e. I'm sure I could have gotten away with a 54).

As far as the ride, it's great, but obviously aluminum. Coming from the wet noodle LeMond, it's a lot stiffer in the BB during standing climbs and sprints, which I expected. It's also significantly more stable at speed, which I didn't expect. I've hit 50 several times over the past six months with no drama from the bike. On its best day the LeMond always had a shimmy here and a wiggle there. And I'm running the same (now 10 year old) 8 speed dura ace sti group as I was running on the LeMond, so I'm pretty sure it was the frame.

I also get a bit of the aforementioned toe rub, but I had it with the Lemond too, so I'm used to it.
Ditto About frame sizejose_Tex_mex
Jul 16, 2002 1:56 PM
My 5500 is a 56cm - it's OCLV so probably translates to a real 54cm. My GT is a 52cm. On both bikes I can lift the frame up an inch while standing over.
re: GT Road framesRaiderMike
Jul 16, 2002 1:31 PM
I bought my ZR 2.0 from chucksbikes, last year, and have put a bunch of miles on it. It was my first road bike so I cant compare it to anything, but I love the frame, and fork combo.
re: GT Road framesKEN2
Jul 16, 2002 2:22 PM
I haven't seen the deal you mention so I don't know if it's the ZR 1 or which carbon fork, but I can say I bought a ZR 1 and a Zaskar frame both on closeout from Supergo last fall for $399 each and they're a steal at that price. Of course I've owned GT road and mtn. bikes before, but both these are significantly lighter than earlier models yet still strong (I weigh 195). Built them up myself and currently very happy with both as my primary rides.
re: GT Road framesWalter
Jul 16, 2002 5:35 PM
Thanks for the replies. The $250 price actually is from an eBy seller so they may well end up at more than that. It's a 2.0. Knowing next to nothing about GT ( I ride a Columbus steel Colnago and a retro Basso) I assume the numbers are significant but I don't know how so. I've seen the frames at Supergo and Chuck's as well.

Odds are this would be a birthday project for my wife so I'd have until the end of October to chase parts.
Probably no differencejose_Tex_mex
Jul 16, 2002 10:10 PM
I bet it's like the 5500 or 5200 OCLV or the Giants - they only difference is in the Groupo they use.
However, I do not honeslty know...
actually they are differentshawndoggy
Jul 17, 2002 7:15 AM
The 1.0 is (I think) made in the USA and (I think) a different kind of aluminum. Check Supergo to be sure. The 2.0 and 3.0 are exactly the same, except for paint.