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Feeling Spacey...(1 post)

Feeling Spacey...freecarve
Jul 16, 2002 10:44 AM
My friend and I are training for our first century in September (The Habitat for Humanity Bike Tour in New Jersey). Anyway, we were out Sunday doing a long endurance ride (80miles) and at about mile 70 we both started feeling, well, pretty funky. It was weird, we felt completely fine physically, but mentally we just weren't there. I flatted at mile 75 and we were both laughing and feeling giddy. Kind of drunk mentally, but coordination was still there. I'm just curious as to why this was. My thinking is either it's just fatigue and the endorphins are going so our legs feel fine or something lacking in the nutrition. I would say the only thing I was lacking during the ride was protien. I ate one gel and one cliff bar and about 3 bottles of weak cytomax(1 bottle an hour) during the first half. At the half way break, I had a good amount of water, half of a PBJ and a banana. On the way back I had the same as out in addition to the other half of the PBJ. Anyway, any ideas how the lightheadedness could have been prevented?
PS - it was cool and overcast all day. I have done long rides before(65-70miles) and felt worse physically when done, but mentally just fine.