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Is there an obvious winner me choose!(5 posts)

Is there an obvious winner me choose!mlbd
Jul 16, 2002 7:02 AM
New bike time! I have a steel Lemond Buenos Aires and I'd like to get something lighter and stiffer for fast group rides and occasional races. Haven't decided what I'll do with the depends somewhat on what I buy now. Here's what I've narrowed my choices down to. I have ridden and liked them all.

1. Trek 5200 @ $2500. I've long lusted after one of these. I'd probably sell the Lemond in this case since the 5200 will be plenty comfy over long hauls.

2. Litespeed Sirius @ $2100. Compact Al with carbon stays. I though this was a very nice ride. Stiff, super light and great handling. Anybody have one of these? In this case, I'd keep the Lemond, at least for a while.

3. Cannondale CAAD5 with ultegra and Mavic Open Pros from GVH bikes ($1425). I've ridden the CAAD5 and like it. This is a good deal. I may ask him to upgrade the wheels depending on his price. Probably keep the Lemond.

4. Cannondale R1000 ($1900) or R2000 ($2300 or less). CAAD7 instead of CAAD5 which gets me an all carbon fork. Comparable components, better wheels, and the advantage over #3 of buying from a local shop that I know and trust.

Money is not a deal breaker for any of these choices. I'll probably ride them all again. Any thoughts?

How about a Giant TCRspookyload
Jul 16, 2002 7:10 AM
I just switched from a TCR to a Kestrel(more comfortable)and it was a very fast feeling bike. It tipped the scales at les than 17 pounds with dura ace.
not realy they all sound good....853
Jul 16, 2002 7:56 AM
I was in your situation, I wanted a stiffer and lighter bike that I could race. I have a KHS Reynolds 853 bike w/ ultegra, which is realy nice ride and weighs about 19lbs.
but I could feel it flex when torquing on it.
So while in my LBS my Mechanic friend had just got a Cannondale Caad5 and had previosly owned an older klein(which was way to harsh according to him) and could not stop talking about how awesome it was, I trust him he's been riding since he was a junior and is now 35 and a Cat.1
racer, so he said I should not take his word for it and he let me use his bike for a week - I was sold - It was like jumping from a comfy SUV to a sports car. Just awesome at everything. So I bought a frame and fork for $600.00
Had it put together w/ ultegra and some nice trick light parts, the outcome - a 17lb race machine.
I had the same mentality as you, keep the steel bike as a nice comfy bike. I tried, they are just not identical, and hard to get used to, jumping from one bike to another. Plus the fact that I love the ride of my new bike and would prefer to get used to the bike I will be racing. So know I am selling my KHS so that I can up-grade my Ultegra to Dura-ace and have just one awesome bike. plus the fact that it will be about 1/2lb lighter and still be ultra reliable.
Whatever your choice remember it is hard to find time for two bikes, and I realy don't need a rain bike since it hardly raines in L.A. and if it does I play it safe and ride indoors. One thing that was recommended to me was that if I was planning on racing I should always buy an inexpensive frame so I guess this fits the bill just perfectly.

Good luck
To 853--LBS?stevesbike
Jul 16, 2002 8:43 AM
Noticed you live in LA--where did you find a caad5 for 600? Just went to Helens and they wanted 900! I'd be really interested to hear, as I'd really like to pick one up--is that with the prodigy fork?

Thanks--any info on a local shop would be great.
Budget Pro Bikes in Eagle Rock..853
Jul 16, 2002 12:48 PM
They are $599.00 for a limited time, for black w/ chrome lettering and Stars & stripes version, I got the stars & stripes it is very sweet looking and looks totaly custom.

Anyways you have to check w/ them to see if they still can order your size, they have a few in stock hopefully your size, Tell them That I sent you, you might get a discount
if you pay cash-like no tax...(might) that's what I paid.

It comes w/ their carbon fork w/ alloy steerer and a campy record headset.

good luck,