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is it cool too.......(7 posts)

is it cool too.......african
Jul 15, 2002 11:16 AM
Buy a frame from an online shop and then take it to the LBS to get all the components put on and get them to fit you.
Yes NMtronracer
Jul 15, 2002 11:22 AM
Jul 15, 2002 11:22 AM
But you will have to pay for it. Probably in the neighborhood of $150-$200 (for the build & fit).
re: is it cool too.......No_sprint
Jul 15, 2002 11:27 AM
They'll do it, but don't expect any favors or deals. Why not ask them to match the price for the frame you're going to get? You'll likely get a better deal that way especially if you're going to get the entire groupset, pedals, wheels, tires, seat, bars, tape, cages, etc. from the LBS. Buying the entire package from the LBS is where they can save you money. If they piecemeal everything to you at full bore, you'll burn any potential dollars you've saved by buying online.

Matter of fact, I did the same thing, went to a local LBS some time ago and he was glad to match the price.
re: is it cool too.......Akirasho
Jul 15, 2002 11:36 AM
... course you might consider installing the parts yourself... only a handful of parts require special tools.

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do it yourselfishmael
Jul 15, 2002 11:59 AM
you can get all the tools cheap except for the headset installer. It'll cost less in the long and short run and you'll feel more confident on your bike knowing its put together right(, its easy)
I did it.look271
Jul 15, 2002 12:27 PM
No problems.They only charged me about $40 to build it and I bought my cables and bar tape from them. (No real savings online plus it was kindof "throwing them a bone").