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Another stupid TdF Question(2 posts)

Another stupid TdF QuestionPhatMatt
Jul 15, 2002 10:39 AM
If all participant's in the TdF are selected by team standing. Why do they not put a little more emphasis on the team events instead of the individual events? But than we are talking about the French here.

Another stupid TdF Answerlnin0
Jul 15, 2002 1:19 PM
Your team standings come about by totaling up your individual rider points for the year, so in reality the best team is just a sum of its total individual riders.

I think the Team Time Trial is about all of the emphasis they want to put on teams in the Tour, other than the normal stage tactics which have a lot to do with teams (take Rabobank's win yesterday for instance). Any more emphsis on team totals and the TdF would become more like baseball where the big $$$ teams always dominate. At least now there is still a chance of an individual from a poorer team winning the entire enchilada. This gives hope to all the riders and fans even though a team may be made up of second and third rate riders you could always have that one stand out rider and year.

The Team Time Trial was just re-added a few years back after a long absense. I think too many teams complained that it disrupted the race too much and gave the wealthy teams an unfair advantage.

Just look at this year you can see how drastically the TTT effected some good podium contenders like Frigo, Hamilton, Leipheimer, Millar and so on. These guys lost several minutes which will be very hard to make up all because they come from weaker teams - take that away from them and you would have a much more competitive race.

Also, they do keep track of team totals in the TdF with the overall best team getting an automatic invite back next year and some prize money - it is just usually not that prominant, especially in the U.S. coverage - but just wait and you'll hear about it is USPS starts making claim to it.