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Bad news, good news(6 posts)

Bad news, good newsMel Erickson
Jul 15, 2002 7:40 AM
First the bad. Our garage was broken into and our Santana Rio tandem stolen on Saturday (between 12:30 and 3am) along with some CD's and a Redwing crock!? An eclectic bunch of thieves.

Now the good news. The tandem was found by the police late Saturday morning about three blocks away, abandoned in someones front yard, no damage.

We think it was probably a couple of kids who were out on a lark with no specific designs. They had guts. We have a street light directly in front of the garage and the whole front is lit up all night. They opened the garage door (inside light comes on) and took the tandem down from it's hook and wheeled it out. Because of our remodeling the garage is full of lots of tools, appliances and other "stuff" but nothing else seems to have been taken.

We were both sick to our stomachs when we saw the empty spot where the tandem was hanging but happy campers when the police brought it back. They were pretty proud of themselves (the police, not the thieves) and we were very grateful.
re: picky criminalsJS Haiku Shop
Jul 15, 2002 11:22 AM
some wily character broke into my old vw bug (circa 1967, but this was in 1994) and stole:

leather jacket
~$5 in change
removable car stereo
6 pack of diet coke
6 pack of dr. pepper

I know, not a good idea to leave all that stuff in the car, especially in the part of town i lived in at that time! but, the most interesting part about it all was that there was a case of sodas in the back seat...they left the sprite and coke. :)
re: picky criminalsshoalin
Jul 15, 2002 12:04 PM
I got my car broke in last week. They took couple buk in my coin tray and the tray itself. I got my laptop in the car they did not took that but they took my PDA and pool stick and my CD binder. $1000 stereo system they did not touch but they took my Giro helmet. That really piss me off.....Bunch of MF****. Since then I put camera on my front porch and 500W flood light with motion. I will catch this MF one day....
It's spelled shaolin....tronracer
Jul 15, 2002 12:21 PM
If you catch him, I hope you really do know kung fu.
Another stolen story, well the story's not stolen...............tronracer
Jul 15, 2002 11:35 AM
During a nice hike with friends in the Wissahickon Valley,(PA) we came across some vines. We started swinging like tarzan getting bolder and bolder until the vine snapped and my friend fell 6 feet+ onto his back. After 5-10 minutes of gasping for air we left to go back to the car only to find that my friend's truck was broken into through the passenger window(the same guy who fell on his back). The thieve(s) stole a duffel bag with underwear, a jacket, a pair of pants, soap, and toilet paper. The thieves didn't realize that there was a $500 cd player in the dash, expensive speakers, a wallet with cash in the glove compartment, and a lot of cd's. Most likely the culprit was a homeless person.
Street LightsBrooks
Jul 15, 2002 2:33 PM
Independant research sponsored by the Department of Justice a few years back found no credible evidence that lighting prevents theft. Thieves are just better able to see into cars/homes/etc with better lights. Activity on the street (granted at 3am there is generally not much going in residential neighborhoods) is more of a deterrent to theft than lighting. Besides, all that street lighting keeps me awake at night. ;-0 Glad you got your tandem back.