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Questions for ultra riders(2 posts)

Questions for ultra ridersdzrider
Jul 15, 2002 5:52 AM
I finished the 600k brevet in Boston yesterday and my shoulders - the joints and deltoids not my traps and neck - are killing me. They hurt only a little while riding, but I could not find a pain-free position to get a nap Saturday night or sleep well last night. This morning they hurt even when still. I've never had this problem on centuries or shorter brevets.

Are there exercises you do to prevent this?

I raised my bars Sunday morning after the trouble sleeping Saturday night. Was this a mistake?

Is there a better way to set up my bike?
Jul 15, 2002 6:12 AM
Were you using aerobars? That provides a great relief, but understandably you can't use them in pace lines, or may not want to if preparing for PBP, where they are banned.

I've not had that problem. I've noticed that many ultra riders do keep the bars pretty high, though. One of them says "aerodymanics does not win ultra races, comfort does." There is a lot of truth to that (unless you can get both).

Raising the bars might help. I'd check out the best source for this type of info at, and also try posting on the Topica randoneur and ultra e-mail lists: