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Nick, how soon till you can ride on the track? nm(2 posts)

Nick, how soon till you can ride on the track? nmweiwentg
Jul 15, 2002 12:59 AM
Jul 15, 2002 9:10 AM
I'm not quite sure what the doctors say but I should find out tomorrow. Technically the 3 month mark 2 Sundays ago was where I'm home free.

Not that I've been listening to the doctors though. Technically I should have kept my hr below 150 and have done no weights until 2 weeks ago. But of course I did these two things 2 1/2 months ago because I knew even though the doctors said I shouldn't my body was okay again to do it after a month of being out of it.

As for when I ride outside or on the track again that is completely up to me, because riding outside is the one thing I have not done. And as it stands as much as I kinda would like to ride outside the risks are too high and the time doesn't feel right yet to take that risk. If I crashed again and hit my head... it could be deadly and since I'm doing spin classes/rollers I'm getting my bike workouts in. So we'll see. I know I'll be riding outside and with a new U-23/espoir category for the track next year there is no use for me to race this year and have to make the jump from junior to senior and just get whooped. Instead I'm just going to train my butt off for a year and see where I get next year at nationals. I think my first track race I'd like to do again though might be in Trinidad just because that is where I crashed and the sooner I stop avoiding racing there because of it the better. So we'll see... lots of decisions and lots of training to go.