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Bianchi Alloro bike(3 posts)

Bianchi Alloro bikeb_spiwak
Jul 14, 2002 4:31 PM
Has anyone ridden this bike? Im considering buying it, but I'm concened with three things: frame quality, wheels, and total bike weight.

The wheels are Bianchi levitation, the same wheels used in their EV4, which is their most expensive bike. The frame is aluminum. It seems like a good buy, especially since I can get it for $1500. Some insight from owners of his bike or other bianchi bikes would help.

thanks all.
re: Bianchi Alloro bikegrandemamou
Jul 15, 2002 5:16 AM
I test rode one. Very well put together,light and stiff but the ride was a little harsh. It had a Bianchi seat which was pretty horrible and I ride a 51 so a larger size with a different seat may yield different results.

I ended up with an EV2. It's lighter, more comfortable and handles quicker. If you are heavier I'd stick with the Alloro. If you are lighter the EV2 is a definite upgrade.
re: Bianchi Alloro biketarwheel
Jul 15, 2002 5:29 AM
I had a 1999 Alloro, which I bought used and rode for about 8 months. It was light, stiff and nice-looking. But I prefer a more comfy frame and found the frame transmitted too much road vibration. So I sold the Alloro went back to riding a heavier but smoother riding steel bike. The geometry also was not right for me -- too long across the top, but that's a personal fit issue. My only real complaint about the bike, not related to fit, was that the paint chipped very easily. That frame got more paint chips in 8 months than other bikes I've ridden for years.