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acceleration feel vs. fit(5 posts)

acceleration feel vs. fitronniedee
Jul 14, 2002 12:12 PM
Looking for my first road bike, I have narrowed it down to Trek 2300 (aluminum alloy) and Klein Quantum (aluminum alloy). The stock Trek fits better. The Klein may be a little long over the top tube, but just feels so quick.

Should I bother trying to tweak the Klein Quantum to make it fit because I like it's accelerating characteristics. Or should I stick with the Trek, where the stock bike fits best.

My riding will consist of training type rides and I will be more apt to ride a century than to compete in a crit. With that said, the LBS guy said he thinks the Trek would be more suitable (he didn't pressure me). Especially since the Trek is full Ultegra with better wheels, while the Klein is full 105.

Trek $1799
Klein $1599

Any insight?
what sizes???...C-40
Jul 14, 2002 4:52 PM
Post the sizes that you are comparing. There may not be as much difference in the fit as you think.
what sizes???...ronniedee
Jul 15, 2002 5:17 PM
Klein Quantum= 56
Trek 2300 = 58

Klein goes for $1600 (105)/ $2000 (Ultegra)
Trek 2300 is full Ultegra for $1800.

I am not sure which I like best. It will be my first road bike. Any recommendations as far a fit or other bikes to try?
sure about that size???C-40
Jul 15, 2002 6:41 PM
If you have a 32-1/2 inseam, as measured for cycling (in bare feet to firm crotch contact in cycling shorts), like you posted earlier, both of these bikes are on the large side. Perhaps not too large to ride, but certainly at the upper limit.

These frames would provide only 2cm of standover clearance. While some folks ride frames this large, 1-2cm smaller would be advisable.

Unfortunately, if your inseam is 32.5 inches, at 5'-11" tall, you have a LONG torso and relatively SHORT legs. Riding a large frame will help to provide the additional TT length that you need, but both are certainly taller than I would recommend. If you test ride one of these bikes, check the saddle height above the top tube. IMO, anything less that 6 inches indicates that the frame is too large (vertically).

Here's my response to your previous post:

The advice that everyone has posted is dead wrong!
I hate to be critical, but did anyone read the numbers before posting advice???? I'm 4 inches shorter with a tiny bit LONGER inseam, and I can ride any number of off-the-shelf 54 or 55cm frames with a 110cm stem.

Ronniedee has SHORT legs and a LONG torso by cycling standards.

The proper size of Trek is a 56cm. It has a fairly long top tube (56.4cm), which still might be too short, unless you use at least a 120mm stem. The standover height is 31.1 inches, which is just about right, if you have measured your inseam accurately.

A 54cm Klein will fit alsmost identically. It has a 56cm TT length with the same 73.5 dgree seat tube angle.
re: acceleration feel vs. fitDrPete
Jul 14, 2002 7:22 PM
Fit on long rides is HUGE, and I've ridden with too long a stem on a century or two. It's painful. That said, any good LBS would be willing to play with the stem to get you a good fit.

There's a lot to be said for Ultegra components. They are slightly heavier than Dura-Ace, but function 99% as well. Nice wheels are also key. A good stiff wheel (I ride Rolf Vector Comps, which haven't needed truing in 2 years) makes a huge difference in your ride. The problem with the quantum is that you're paying a lot for the handmade Klein frame at the expense of component quality.

I ride a Cannondale and like it a lot. Having compared it with the Klein when I was shopping, it had all the nice characteristics of the Klein, a smoother ride, and nicer components for the same price. Hate to muddy the waters, but take a look at Cannondale if you want Al.

Good luck!