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Wasn't this the title of a book or something?(1 post)

Wasn't this the title of a book or something?Me Dot Org
Jul 13, 2002 8:47 PM
Let's say you're a World Class rider, maybe with a stage win at the Giro or Vuelta, maybe even a podium finish at one of the Classics. Your contract is up and you're thinking about what you are worth on the open market. Please rank in order the following considerations, as you ponder joining another team:

The overall strength of the team.

Your riding position on that team, will you be a domestique or a main focus?

Do the team's overall goals and objectives dovetail with your own?

How well the Team Sponsorship will tie into promotional deals with your country of origin, or your adopted homeland?

Your personal relationship with the team's Sports Director.

Whether or not you will ride a Look, Pinarello, Trek, Colnago, Giant, Litespeed, DeRosa or ???

Those of you who ranked the bike as the primary consideration, please move to the back of the peloton.

Or, to put it another way: What if USPS and Telekom switch bikes last year. Would it have changed the results of the TDF?