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Will renters Insurance cover damaged bike?(6 posts)

Will renters Insurance cover damaged bike?Natchez
Jul 13, 2002 6:32 PM
I had a nasty spill today endo over the bars the bike flipped end over end many times cracked helmet hurt shoulder.I will not be riding for some time. My bike was banged up pretty bad (as I am) bent bars, broken spokes, sti leaver broke, questionable fork, saddle etc The frame looks ok. Will my renters insurance cover this?

I am no expert but da policy would be the best place to look? nmelviento
Jul 13, 2002 6:36 PM
re: Will renters Insurance cover damaged bike?jtolleson
Jul 13, 2002 7:18 PM
In my experience, no. They covered theft, or it falling off the back of the car, but not a crash. Call your agent.
Jul 13, 2002 8:47 PM
From my experience it will most likely not cover a crash. However, it will cover being hit by a car or a hit and run. I insure my bikes mainly against theft but I got hit in a hit and run last June and my insurance picked up the bill with a police report.

It may be worth it to look into your renters insurance but since its 100% your fault so they will probably not cover it.

Hope you recovery quickly. The harder you fall... the faster you get up!

Nick Corcoran
call your agentDougSloan
Jul 14, 2002 11:03 AM
There's a chance it might under your "property damage" coverage. Call your agent and ask. Take a look at your policy. There will be deductible, though, and a claim could increase your premiums.

I doubt itColnagoFE
Jul 15, 2002 8:37 AM
but check with your insurance broker to be sure. most of the time a crash not caused by someone else is not covered.