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Which Hybird to Get??(2 posts)

Which Hybird to Get??new stereo guy
Jul 13, 2002 6:24 PM
I'm new to bikes and would like to get a hybrid for exercise and commuting around the city. I've done some research (online and test rides), but it is difficult to assess a bike by riding around the block a few times. I would like some help in selecting a bike. The most that I would like to spend is $700. Here are some bikes that I've looked at:

Cannondale Silk Adventure 400
Trek 7500
Gary Fisher Utopia
Jamis Coda

I test rode the Gary Fisher and Jamis, both were very nice. Any opinions on these bikes, or any other bikes that I should consider?

Thank you.
re: Which Hybird to Get??GregJ
Jul 14, 2002 8:01 AM
Check out the Trek 7500 fx. They consider this a fitness bike rather than a Hybrid, as it lacks the suspension fork. Also look at Specialized Sirrus and Marin Alpe? bikes. One thing to think about is whether you want the suspension fork (or head shock) that comes on some of these bikes. Myself, I would pass on it unless I wanted to use the bike for light off road riding. Possibly the streets where live are really bad and it may be desireable to have one. The disadvantages of a suspension fork are a bit of added weight, expense and mechanical complication. They also make the bike feel less stiff when riding hard. The larger tires on fitness bikes should give you adequate shock absorbtion for most riding I would think. All these companies make a good product for the money.