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Framing a jersey(12 posts)

Framing a jerseyPODIUMBOUNDdotCA
Jul 13, 2002 4:39 PM
What is the best way to frame a jersey? Also if possible and not overly difficult I would like to frame a medal with it as well. How would this be done?

Thank you,
Nick Corcoran
QUICK, DUCK! (nm)mickey-mac
Jul 13, 2002 4:52 PM
QUICK, DUCK! (nm)legs
Jul 13, 2002 5:02 PM
well, one might imagine that the best place to go is a frame shop..
hey, where is the best place for me to go to work out my insecurities?
(tis a joke mate)
re: Framing a jerseyDave Hickey
Jul 13, 2002 5:01 PM
Nick, we've done it with a couple of hockey jerseys. They actually sell frames for jerseys. Check with a sports cards/memoribilia store.
Use a shadow box frameTig
Jul 13, 2002 5:19 PM
I've seen large shadow box frames with glass in craft stores that might work. They also have frame shops in the stores that could help, or better yet, go to a frame shop itself. It all depends on what you have available where you live.

I've seen a friend's world champion masters track sprint jerseys in these and they look great.
Give the jersey some EPO just before it's tested....(nm)Me Dot Org
Jul 13, 2002 8:23 PM
re: Framing a jerseyKenS
Jul 14, 2002 8:17 AM
A good frame shop should be able to build up the appropriate depth for a jersey and medal through the use of matte boards.
re: Framing a jerseydsc
Jul 14, 2002 9:34 AM
You can also check with places the deal in sports memorabila and collecting supplies. Often companies that sell cases to hold baseballs, etc. also sell pre-made cases meant to display jerseys.
re: Framing a jerseylegs
Jul 14, 2002 10:08 AM
I think you guys are missing the point here.. any nit wit brain injured or not can figure out where to frame things.. podium bound is letting us all know in his own way that he has a national jersey and a medal and in a few posts he is going to state that he thinks his jersey has more value than the yellow jersey of the TDF..
and you know, i know all of us are proud of different accomplishments in our life.. be it moving up a class or being a dad or whatever... even just going to join in a club an accomplishment!!!!! (and good on ya for any of these things)
and yes nick .. it is fantastic that you have this talent.. I am as proud of my little fourth places finishes as you are your national jersey.. but gosh...
this is a really strange way to communicate these things..
chill dude.. juyst say what you mean.. hey everybody, i am stoked as shit that i have a national jersey.. it really makes me feel good about myself and i want you to see me this way... isnt it cool...? instead of having to go through this charade.. of.. hey.. where can i frame my national jersey and then hey, i think this is better than the yellow jersey..
if it was about just framing a jersey you would just say.. where can i frame a jersey.. clearly this is about some insatiable need to be validated.. and i would rather you just ask for that out right..
or we can make a validate poduim bound section for you or something....

k..? this isnt an attack.. its just..
come one dude..
its cool that you have done this well.. it really is...
and i am sorry about the brain injury...
luck to you and i wish you more victories...
but chill dude....

and if this is dickish of me.. i apologize and i promise i wont be critical anymore..
obviously this is none of my business and so i should just ignore your posts... but i have a feeling that someone with your knack for doing well would benefit from learning how to connect with people without bombing them to death with insecurity...

am i wrong..? cause i could be, and if i am you have my apology...
I dont know why this gets under my skin.. and why i am writing this.. my intent is not to be cruel (believe it or not) and his is meant with a good dose of humor.. which never seems to come acroos from me in this medium... so please .. i know i am taking the piss..
and its meant in a buddy-ish way...
chill dude....
you know? (help me out here)
Jul 14, 2002 10:34 AM

At first I didn't bother reading your entire post, just the first line before hitting reply but then I looked at the end and saw it wasn't an attack.

I apologize if my question upset you. But I did have a valid question in asking how to frame a jersey and a medal. And I intentionally made a point not to say what jersey it was on purpose because it had nothing to do with how to frame it. I think a lot of people would be interested to know that not many of my friends even knew I was a national champion and only realized it this week when I was pouting as I realized that my jersey was not mine to wear anymore and it was time to frame it. I feel a national championship jersey is meant to be worn by national champions, not former national champions. As such its going up on my wall and will not be a reminder of what I aim for everyday as I wake up and get ready to train in hopes of winning another. Its a move that at least in a small way was inspired by Lance Armstrong not wanting to wear the yellow jersey in the prologue since he did not feel right wearing the yellow jersey in this years Tour until he had earned it. The same goes for me, I never want to wear a national championship jersey again before I earn it.

And I apologize that me asking if a national championship jersey was more valuble to people than a yellow jersey was misunderstood. But as it was time to hang up my national championship jersey with the Tour in full swing I began thinking.

Thank you for wishing me good luck in the future. That means a lot to me. And I know many people have not had the same success as me. But success does come in so many ways. And in the end its important to remember that the best such as Lance Armstrong or any World Champion continue on because they love what they do far more than winning.

Nick Corcoran
Stuff it in your sock drawer...TJeanloz
Jul 15, 2002 4:05 AM
Who cares more about you winning the national championships, you, or your friends? And since you already know you won, why wear it on your sleeve like it's the most important thing that ever happened to you (even if it was)?

Back in college, my roomates and I had enough palmares to fill a wall of our apartment, so we hung up all the jerseys, medals, posters, etc.. But then, after we had finished the project, we were too embarrassed to let anybody see that display of ego, because when ever anybody saw it, all they could do was ask questions, and everything became about bike racing. So we took it down about two days after we put it up- it wasn't nearly as cool as we thought it would be.
oh, give the kid a break...dsc
Jul 14, 2002 10:20 PM
Yes, I know exactly why he was asking about framing a jersey, but so what? If I remember correctly from reading some previous posts, Nick is like what - 17 or something? Think back to when YOU were that age; how stoked would you have been to have to have won your country's national championship?

Interestingly, (and I'm not refering to you, legs) the folks here who were the most vocal about pooh-poohing Nick the last time around are also the ones who would be least likely to be voted "most humble RBR poster". What that means exactly, I don't know, except that everyone likes to be recognized for their authority and accomplishements, past or present.

So let the kid talk and hang his jersey on the wall. You'd better believe if I won a national championship jersey (not gonna happen, of course), I'd hang it on the wall and tell everyone about it, too.