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Trek2300 vs. Lemond Zurich vs. Klein Quantum(6 posts)

Trek2300 vs. Lemond Zurich vs. Klein Quantumronniedee
Jul 13, 2002 3:27 PM
I have been riding several bikes and these seem to be my favorites for a first bike. The Lemond is a steel frame, but I thought the 2 aluminums felt really good, too.

My next step is to take them all out together and compare them head to head on the same ride, when I stop back by the LBS.

Any feedback regarding these 3 bikes?

Trek 2300 (Ultegra)$1799
Lemond Zurich (Ultegra) $1899
Klein Quantum (105) $1599, (Ultegra) $1999
NEW FUJI MARSEILLE for $1000 - 853 w/UltegraOK-larry
Jul 14, 2002 1:47 AM
if you like the Zurich - The Fuji Marseille is about the same bike and You can buy those on ebay brand new for $1000
Marseille has a more normal length top tube - Zurich is Real long in TT -- anyway - you might want to scan ebay and maybe save $700 or $800
re: Trek2300 vs. Lemond Zurich vs. Klein QuantumBike Mike
Jul 14, 2002 3:59 AM
Hey Ronnie~

I can't speak to all three bikes, but I can sing you my praises for the 2300. I've had the bike a year now, and it was my first road bike in over 15 years. The thing is AWESOME!! Still, a year and a few thousand miles later, I will sit across the room and stare at it in admiration!

On the practical side, I haven't had any problems with anything. Aside from fitting the bike and a few early fine tuning things, everything has been right on. I've put a few thousand miles on it, hit some hard bumps, been in the rain, etc. so I feel like I've really tested the thing, and it is as good as it was when I rolled out of the shop.

Good luck in your pursuit of a new companion!

re: Trek2300 vs. Lemond Zurich vs. Klein QuantumShadow11
Jul 14, 2002 9:42 AM
I went bike shopping a few weeks ago and wound up with a Zurich. Probably the first time in about 5 years where my purchased wasn't based on what company I was working for ,etc..most of the time I was on Aluminium and had a K2 Mod 4.0 frame last year, which i liked..but the traditional sizing just suits me better, takes me a lot less time to get dialed in ,etc..but i have a long torso, etc..and despite it being about 2lbs heavier than the otehrs i looked at ..and about 3 heavier than the K2..its not really noticably...and i've done my share of climbing lately...

Of course..had I waited a week or so I could have gotten one of those Look 361 frames for pretty cheap and built it up for a similar price..also..if you are looking at LBS just got a bunch of Cannondale's '02 models pretty much going for wholesale as they are closing them out to an R2000 is about $1600 most places..

good luck in your what fits best..
re: Trek2300 vs. Klein Quantum vs. Giant TCRronniedee
Jul 14, 2002 12:15 PM
I have decided to eliminate the Lemond from consideration. I love the Trek and Klein, but I plan on hopping on the Giant TCR1 soon (to see what a shorter top tube will feel like.

Any opinions?
re: Trek2300 vs. Lemond Zurich vs. Klein QuantumDark Sonix
Jul 15, 2002 5:43 AM
I came down to about the same three bikes last year. My final cut was the Lemond vs. the Quantum vs. trek 5200 (i cut the trek 2300 because I felt that the AL ride of the Quantum was superior).

I like the Lemond's comfort and relaxed, smooth handling, but chose the Quantum (with Ultegra and Rolf Vector Comps). I like an agressive bike that has quick handling and acceleration. I rode both back to back from the same shop and finally made my decision on a short climb with a twisty rough descent. The Klein climbed more efficently for me and I could ram it through the corners better. The Lemond was a little more forgiving in terms of stiffness, but IMO, the AL of the Quantum is such that it is very stiff but not overly harsh in the long run and on long rides.

Also, the worksmanship and paint on the Klein are flawless. The cut 'decaling' and the overspray or metallic colors are just beautiful and are very durable (I have had no chipping and it doesnt scratch easily).

I've had the Klein for almost a year now, and still enjoy it more and more each time I ride it.

Good Luck and keep us posted!