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Why can't motorists corner?(7 posts)

Why can't motorists corner?Breakfast
Jul 13, 2002 2:51 PM
Here's an example:

I'm taking a right turn inside the bike lane next to curb, driver passes me right before I can begin the turn and corners slightly ahead of me putting her front inside tire over the white line inside of bike lane. She doesn't even realize she cut me off or that I would be moving at nearly her speed making me a hazard if she kept her line.

What she did which is so !&*#'ing common and that is to corner with an early apex and attempt to cut the corner and avoid crossing over into the opposite lane.

I see this crap all the time, drivers who can't corner crossing over double yellows on left turns at intersections or nearing hitting curbs and ending in the opposing lane on right turns.

What these idiots think is that their car corners on the inside tire and that's the one you aim towards the turn at the earliest opportunity.

All you riders out there that know better, teach your wife and kids about apexes and turning. Show them how cornering forces shift vehicle weight to the outside front wheel providing it with the most traction and determining the turning line. Get out there and show them a early apex turn and a late apex before they wipe one of us out.
New License Programlnin0
Jul 13, 2002 3:16 PM
I AGREE 100%. Not only do you notice this when on a bike but driving also. People who don't understand double wide turn lanes and how to stay in their own lane. They have no concept of there on the road their car is...they are literally that dumb.

This could be avoided by making a DRIVERS LICENSE much harder to get in the U.S. In doing so there would be less senior citizens, young adults, gear heads and soccer moms with cell phones in minivans driving meaning less accidents overall. It would also mean cities would have to also start to think about alternate means of transportation for all these folks which in turn would also cut down on our reliance of fossil fules.

I was reading a post not to long ago about a guy from someplace in Europe. Said he never had a license and then came to the U.S. and after a few days of study passed the exam and got a license. Then he said when he returned home he tried to get a license in his country and after several months of study barely passed. What does that tell you??

However there is one big problem -- our government is owned by oil and auto lobbiest so this idea doesn't stand a change.
Jul 13, 2002 3:23 PM
In Norway it cost the equivalent of $2000 US for a license, and people are motivated NOT to lose it. They often temporarily pull the license after an accident. DWIs are almost unheard of, and speeding is rare (automated radars everywhere).

Taxes are vehicles are very expensive, and people keep them longer and keep them up (they have vehicle inspections). It is very different.
The hell you talking about?Leisure
Jul 13, 2002 11:26 PM
Americans having to live up to reasonable criteria and expectations to be trusted with responsibilities? I don't think you fully understand the can of worms you're opening here. This is America, where everyone gets to do what they damn well please with no accountability or sense of social responsibility or obligation. Americans being required to learn how to drive before they actually can! What nerve you have even suggesting the notion. Now go and be ashamed of yourself!
re: Why can't motorists corner?AllisonHayes
Jul 13, 2002 5:48 PM
What you say is a good idea. Unfortunately, it aint gonna happen. If only there was a serious driving program like there is in Germany or elsewhere in Europe where it takes over a year to get your license and you need to shell out big bucks as well.

Taking corners correctly is something cyclists learn as second nature, yet somehow too many drivers are wholly oblivious that they are putting us in harms way. I just ride defensively, very very defensively.

But I am a chicken too, I don't want to take on 2 tons of steel with a halfwit behind the wheel talking on the celly and slurping a 64oz coke while taking a shallow-angled corner.
Jul 13, 2002 6:34 PM
Most people, if asked, say they are good at driving yet don't know a damn thing about real control of an automobile.

Ask most people which is faster around a corner, a car or a motorcycle and they'll say a motorcycle.

Many loss of control accidents are caused by inattentiveness followed by overcorrection resulting in head-ons, roll-overs, and collisions with very large obstacles. These overcorrections come as a result of large steering inputs, often one-handed and charged with adrenaline. Death is a common result.

The point here is that current automobiles handle very well and have sophisticated suspension and braking systems (ABS) yet people don't know how to use them. An automobile has four contact points with the road and is a superior handling machine.

It's time to stop multi-tasking in the SUV's and start driving like these things were designed to.

Sometimes I wonder if the design features are meant to make up for the ignorance of ordinary motorists.
re: Why can't motorists corner?Bike Mike
Jul 14, 2002 4:31 AM
Cornering? I'd be happy if they could learn to drive the straightaways!!

Yesterday I had a perfectly good ride temporarily ruined by an older "gentleman" in a 1985 Lincoln Town Car (read "tank") who missed my handlebar by two inches as he passed me. I passed him shortly thereafter as he waited for the car in front of him to make a left turn. When he passed me the second time he again came within inches but this time just before he passed her leaned on the horn to make sure he startled me and almost caused me to swerve into him. After he got by he was kind enough to point to the side of the road and indicate that I had no right to be riding. In spite of the incredible urge I had to give him the one finger salute, I smiled and waved a "Thanks for your help".

So cornering? Let's start with the straight stuff!

Thanks for listening. Whew...all better.