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help me with this pain in the butt!!(3 posts)

help me with this pain in the butt!!Fez
Jul 12, 2002 2:20 PM
I am an experienced rider, but I took a yearlong break, unfortunately put on 10 pounds in the spare tire area, but now have decided to get back into riding. My bike was perfectly dialed in and comfortable before my hiatus. I haven't changed anything around.

After 2 weeks of riding, I find that besides going slow, I have numbness and pain in the seat area, but no pain elsewhere. I never had this type of pain and numbness before. Any tips? Will it just go away after a few more miles?

Assuming my setup is fine, could it be that my stomach and lower back muscles aren't doing their fair share of supporting me, thereby putting more pressure on the seat? My arms and hands and feet are just fine and I think I am spinning just fine.

re: help me with this pain in the butt!!grzy
Jul 12, 2002 2:33 PM
It'll go away in time. Your butt needs to adjust and get a bit tougher. Funny how stopping riding can be more painful than keeping it up. What you probably need to do is back off a notch or two on intesity and duration and get more recovery. It's not unusual for people to try and jump right back in where they left off onlyto find that the body has some objections with this plan.
re: help me with this pain in the butt!!Fez
Jul 13, 2002 8:03 PM
i hear you. its just frustrating when the reason i have to take a short break is not from lack of strength or endurance, but because my butt is in so much pain. oh well, i'll give it another week or so and hopefully the pain will just go away.