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Tires for commuter bike?(7 posts)

Tires for commuter bike?gotj
Jul 12, 2002 8:21 AM
I have a 1988 Schwinn Sierra mtb that I'd like to use as a year-round commuter (in the SF Bay Area, Palo Alto to be specific). My regular commute will be 3-4 miles each way, with occasional diversions. I may be carrying my 4 year old daughter on a kid's seat behind me occasionally.

The commute will be on a bike path and surburban streets.

I'm looking for tire recommendations for this purpose. The knobby tires that came with the bike years ago are a bit slow for use on paved roads. Any recommendations for something faster yet durable for a commute and that will fit on a mtb?

I guess I'll probably want to put fenders on as well, so recommendations there would be good, too. I can probably use the rack for the child's seat for carrying things when my daughter's not using it and a backpack when she is.

Am I missing anything else?
re: Tires for commuter bike?Pygme
Jul 12, 2002 8:28 AM
Continental Town and Country tires. They cant be beat.

They have a high center ridge for low rolling resistance. There are knobs on the side wall for stablility on the off-road sections. The are resistant to flats/punctures.

I had a set with over 15,000 miles on them and had less than 5 flats. Had to replace them because the side walls were getting dry rotted.

I usually air them up to between 55-60 lbs.
Second the Town & Country's.Spoke Wrench
Jul 12, 2002 8:54 AM
I was looking for a 2" wide Gatorskin slick for my commuter/ beater bike. Puncture resistance was my top priority for that bike. The guys at Continental said they didn't have a Gatorskin, but suggested T&C's. So far I've been very happy with that choice.
Check out the Schwalbes......muncher
Jul 12, 2002 8:32 AM
Do a search on my name on the CX board and you'll find a link to them - just go in and switch to the MTB size page.

They are great value for money too, and you get a reflective sidewall that really works, which is a bonus for commuting.
Here ya go...muncher
Jul 12, 2002 8:38 AM
second the Schwalbes - nmMJ
Jul 12, 2002 9:05 AM
Like the T&C's, too...but they're WAY heavy. some others...cory
Jul 13, 2002 7:36 AM
I had Town & Countrys on my commuter for awhile. They're tough but I think heavier-duty than you need for that ride (I used to live in Palo Alto). I'd check out Panaracer Paselas in 26-inch, or Avocet's, uh, forget the name, inverted tread tires. Also, there are a bunch of generic mountain bike slicks and semi-slicks that are light, cheap and pretty much interchangeable. I've used Nashbars, Performance, Tiogas, Michelins and a few others.