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OLN TDF coverage question(13 posts)

OLN TDF coverage questionJS Haiku Shop
Jul 12, 2002 5:59 AM
so, the 2 hours in the AM on OLN are live, and cover the final 2 hours of the stage, right?

do the afternoon or evening replays actually cover anything before the last 2 hours, or is it just a replay from the AM?


Same coverage with "bonus" material left out of the morning (nm)JL
Jul 12, 2002 6:03 AM
I'll trade Sam Posey and a first round draft pickSpoke Wrench
Jul 12, 2002 7:13 AM
to get Bob Roll back.
Agreed. Throw in Bill "I'm a fool" Patrick. (nm)JL
Jul 12, 2002 7:19 AM
Jul 12, 2002 8:27 AM
It seems like the night broadcast get the same coverage as the live ones but it is cometimes shortened because the live stages will run over the 2hrs. In the mountains this will be really noticable and that is when you need to break out the VCR.

I also wish on the rebroadcast that they would do a short intro and exit feature - even if they had to extend the time to 2.5 hrs. Sort of like you get with NBA Today. Spend 10-15 minutes before coverage on slow days going over the news from the day before. Who was in crashes and if someone was hurt. Do some interviews and some good detail about the upcoming stage and what to watch for.

Then after the race go over details for that stage and show more in depth reviews of the times and leaders. They only go over the top 10 or so and leave out a lot of big names and how they are doing. Things like when Steels crashed/dropped back in stage 1 was never covered and for the TTT they left out a lot of important riders and how they had been drastically affected by their teams effort.

As far as staff. I think Phil, Paul, Bob and Posey would make the best combo.

So far though what has Posey done on the TdF broadcast? Out of all the guys other than Phil and Paul I like Posey best. He has a good voice and knows the sport fairly well. Didn't he used to cover the TdF when it was on ABC?

Bill Patrick is the one they need to get rid of. Why does OLN not go straight to Phil and Paul when they come off of commercials? That guy doens't know the sport and his voice lacks any kind of enthusiasm. Bob would make a nice 3rd commentator in the booth like he was with the Giro but there is no point to the lead-in like Patrick is doing.

Frankie also has to go. He is horrible and his reports are usually senseless and poorly concevied. Not to mention his interview skills...if you can call it a skill in his case.

I think Posey would do good replacing Frankie. Add Bob as a 3rd man in the booth and ditch Patrick. Posey and Bob could do the pre-race and they could toss Frankie a bone here and there with an interview. Posey and Bob could also do post-race and Phil and Paul could join them. OLN needs to try and emulate some of the things American sports viewers are accustume to if they want to gain a bigger audience.
Bob Roll- Not available in France.SnowBlind
Jul 12, 2002 9:02 AM
guess he got kicked on the same boat as Super Mario.
If you like ABC style Olympic coverageSpoke Wrench
Jul 12, 2002 9:09 AM
where they cover everything except the sports, you'll probably love Sam Posey. Personally, I much prefer the morning coverage sans-Posey.
Your questions answeredGK
Jul 12, 2002 9:13 AM
it has been established that Phil and Paul's race call is NOT exclusive to OLN, but rather it is fed to (sold to) several other English speaking networks. Which is why a third guy is needed for the OLN cutaways. This is not a job for Bob Roll (he'd have more fun if he were on the call, but for whatever reason he's not).

Anyway, Bill Patrick knows he's not a cycling guy, and if you listen long enough, he makes fun of himself. Hey, things could be a lot worse. I think most cycling fans see the bigger picture and are grateful that we have LIVE, DAILY coverage of the TDF in the US. Go Figure.

Frankie is a blast. He's to cycling what Barry Melrose is to NHL Tonight. They probably told him to forget about trying to be a journalist (remember the one annoying woman last year?) and told him to "just be Frankie".

I have a post endorsing Frankie on the TDF board.

Frankie's OKfrankamo
Jul 12, 2002 9:44 AM
His access to the Posties is worth putting up with his lack of skills. Lance opens up more and is less guarded about what he says when interviewed by Frankie than a real journalist.
Jul 12, 2002 9:44 AM
in defense of frankie, i'll bet he's reading what he's told to read, and there's a lot more to him. citing interviews (instead of "tech tips" or whatever that is), he asks some pretty interesting questions.

bob roll? no doubt. bob's sorely missed.
the one major beef i haverufus
Jul 12, 2002 9:34 AM
is the inclusion of the pre-taped segments, like frankie's, and the "trek flashback", and a couple of others they do, during the live morning coverage. even if they're just ridinag along, i'd rather see that, and listen to phil and paul's stories. we get commercial-three minutes of patrick-three minutes of racing-three minutes of patrick-commercial-three minutes of patrick-"circuit city tech tip"-three minutes of patrick-commercial-patrick-three minutes of racing-patrick-commercial, on and on.

keep the live morning show focused on the race, and save all those other segments for the re-air in the afternoon, and the highlights show at night.
Jul 12, 2002 9:46 AM
i've been taping the morning show. which one SHOULD i be taping for the good stuff?
Jul 12, 2002 10:54 AM
I think morning is the best choice. Just remember to leave some extra time on each day so you don't miss stages that run long. You can always adjust it the night before to remove any non-tour gaps.

As for my earlier comments. I am not saying I want to see Posey do the entire TdF or ABC like coverage. I want to see the race.

But I think Posey has a much easier voice to listen to than Patrick and he seems to be a little more experienced.

Maybe I was being a little hard on Frankie, as I do recall that lady from last year who was horrable. Frankie has decent access to USPS which is nice but still is pretty green at reporting.

But I still wish they would do more pre-race and post race coverage. I don't want it to interfere with the race coverage but it would be nice to get a lot more detail on ALL the riders. I am sure there are a TON of LA fans but my girlfriend and I (and probably many others) like a lot of other highly ranked riders who get snubbed on coverage.

It is like OLN thinks only Lance will be interesting to the Americans and this is only true because that is what they have given us. They don't build up or cover much of anyone else unless they win a stage or phil mentions them. Therefore everyone knows LA and roots for him. But what if they built up other top riders and follwed them a little more too. Then we would know more than one rider in depth and it would make all of the races that much more interesting. People would find other riders to root for and against. Without knowledge of several riders there can be no conflict, no drama -- its just one guy against a bunch of faceless names. What will happen when LA retires and they have built up no one else recognizable (even if they are not American)?