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Another Newbie Q ... click, click, click ...(11 posts)

Another Newbie Q ... click, click, click ...Ransak
Jul 11, 2002 4:11 PM
I just posted a 'bike fit' question too ... these forums are great .. any help is much appreciated ... especially for new roadies (recently converted from mtn. bikes)!!!

I recently bought a new GIANT OCR 2 (an entry level ride to be sure, but so far it seems to be a good start). But, I CANNOT GET RID OF THE MOST ANOYING "TICKING/CLICKING" NOISE !!!! I've heard that this might be common on this particular bike. As a budding amateur bike mechanic (not really) I have taken apart, greased and reaassembled most of the bike (except the bb), but I can't seem to isolate the noise.

It literally sounds like a repetetive 'click' or 'tick' as I ride. It happens in the saddle or out, on the bars or off, pedalling or not. Any time the bike is stressed (by my weight or a bump or a pedal stroke), no matter what my position is ... it clicks/ticks. The frame is sound, as far as I can tell.

Any ideas. Anyone else have similar problems (or ride this line too)?

Thanks again for any help you might be able to offer.
Click exorcismKerry
Jul 11, 2002 4:59 PM
You've done everything but the BB, and the BB is the most frequent source of the consistent click with each pedal stroke. If you want to do the minimum to resolve this, then remove the cranks and torque the BB cups to specification (50 n-m). A full resolution has you removing the BB, cleaning all threads, greasing everything, and then torque to spec.
re: Another Newbie Q ... click, click, click ...Cheezhead
Jul 11, 2002 5:05 PM
well, if you're not pedalling and it's still clicking, then it can't be the bottom bracket. Chances are it's in the wheels, probably the hubs. Something that might sound dumb but is really simple, is if you have a cyclocomputer, make sure that the magnet isn't hitting the sensor as it spins by. You never know...

Say Cheez
Here is another idea..Lone Gunman
Jul 11, 2002 5:10 PM
Grease your front and rear quick release on both contact points with the dropouts. Both sides, front and rear.
Loose spoke? Saddle rail? Computer sensor? (nm)Chen2
Jul 11, 2002 7:18 PM
Thanks again ... I'll try all the above (nm)Ransak
Jul 11, 2002 9:18 PM
re: Another Newbie Q ... click, click, click ...aliensporebomb
Jul 12, 2002 2:51 AM
I think I know what it is.

I just got a Giant TCR2 and had this the first ride of the new bike - until I
noticed what it was and did the Homer Simpson "D'oh!" noise and fixed it.

If you're getting one tick/click per pedal revolution check to make sure your
right crank isn't touching the little metal tip of the front derailleur cable
after it's been clamped into the derailleur..

When I noticed this I took a look at my friends' Ultegra equipped GT 2.0 and
saw that after the cable had been clamped and capped on his it was pointed
slightly upwards so that's what I did on mine.

Hope that helps. Now I ride in silence.
I don't know if anyone already mentioned this, but ...Pecos
Jul 12, 2002 5:07 AM
check to see if the front der. cable end is hitting the crank. This is something that is easily overlooked. Or check the computer magnet if you have one. Beyond this, I would bring it back to the shop for them to look at.
3 Options.Len J
Jul 12, 2002 5:12 AM
1.) As already mentioned, check to see if it is the magnet hitting the Computer pickup. This sometimes happens when I am using wheels that are not as stiff. When I stand to sprint or climb, the torque of shifting the bike fleses the wheel causing the magnet to hit the pickup. It doesn't happen when I'm spinning on the flats so it's impossible to detect in a stand.

2.) What kind of wheels do you have? Older Open Pro's have a history of clicking. This seems to come from the internal metal peice used at the weld joint working loss & "Clicking" inside the rim.

3.) Loose spoke or nipple can cause clicking.

Jul 12, 2002 12:36 PM
I think I may have figured it out ... my bike has an insert in the seat tube and when I pulled it out it was bone dry and had some grit on it. AND, I think I isolated the noise (while trying to get the fit right on by making 1000 changes and riding up and down my front street all morning) to sitting and rising from my seat.

We'll see ... I'm off.

Thanks for the help.
Yup ... turns out it was the SEAT POST !!! Silence at last! (nm)Ransak
Jul 14, 2002 8:41 PM