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My husband is the greatest!!(14 posts)

My husband is the greatest!!JamieB
Jul 11, 2002 11:22 AM
Today I had a really, really, really crappy interval session. Usually, I keep up with my husband fairly well. I usually beat him on the first three, crash on number 4, and then hang on for the remaing 5 (we currently do 9 2 min x 3 min power intervals). Today, I was in no-man's-land. Couldn't keep up to save my life? It was HORRIBLE!!! I hate it when he beats me. Anyway, we get home, and I'm sulking (fine....I admit it....I was being a b&%ch). Well, we walk the dogs and make lunch. And, then, the brown santa claus (UPS man) shows up with two packages. I was expecting one package, because I was going to surprise my husband with a new pair of Castelli bib shorts (he always talks about wanting a pair but won't spend that much money himself). So, I thought it would be a nice surprise. But, there were two packages. He had a surprise for me, too. A new Giro Pneumo helmet in the Rabobank design (complete with the Giro pod....which is a very nifty little case). My helmet is GORGEOUS. It fits wonderfully and is very stylish. Too bad we'd already done intervals. I would love to take it out for a spin. It definitely appears to be worth the money. My husband is the greatest!! He knew I'd been drooling over the Rabobank Pneumo and that my helmet was dead. Besides, with all the stupid falling over I've been doing, he probably thought I needed some up-to-date protection. :)
good for youclimbo
Jul 11, 2002 11:54 AM
if my wife would love riding as much as me if I got her one, I'd buy her the whole store. Enjoy it, I like those helmets too.
You two have a good thing going! n/mfracisco
Jul 11, 2002 1:05 PM
. . . only to discover that you had sold your skull to pay forbill
Jul 11, 2002 1:12 PM
the shorts and he had sold his ass to pay for the helmet! Everyone had a good laugh over that!
(sorry, couldn't resist. I'm actually jealous that you share this with your hubby; my wife thinks that I'm nuts, although, in the final analysis, she comes through with support, too. in all seriousness, that's a nice story)
Use them in good health.
You don't have kids, I take it, which is the other reason why my wife and I never could ride together.
too bad you already cut your hair to buy that watch fob ;) (nm)ColnagoFE
Jul 11, 2002 1:15 PM
does he have a brother?AllisonHayes
Jul 11, 2002 1:34 PM
he sounds really thoughtful and sweet.

How often do you do your interval training? Do you do any other training or cross training as well?
does he have a brother?JamieB
Jul 11, 2002 4:15 PM brother. Well, he does have a step-brother, but he's the complete opposite of Jason. He has more shoes and nice clothes than I do. But, he's already married. I don't think you'd want him anyway. :)

I do the 2 min x 3 min intervals once a week. I also do sprint intervals (30 sec x 1.5 min) once a week, and hill repeats once a week. We do some weight lifting, a 3 hour endurance ride, and a couple 2 hour recovery rides per week. The recovery rides are sometimes shortened based upon how we feel. And, if we do a group century or something, that replaces the 3 hour ride. Then we have one day off per week.
Who Cares About a his Brother? You Got A Sister?! heheBigLeadOutGuy
Jul 11, 2002 5:05 PM
Thats awesome that you two share a love for cycling! I wish I had a g/f that would surprise me with cool stuff like that!!!
enoy the new helmet...hopefully it wont be seeing much use =)
ride safe =)
my typing sucks....ditch the A after "about" =) N/MBigLeadOutGuy
Jul 11, 2002 5:06 PM
Whya? Ita looka fina too mea? I thought you wasa Italiana! [nm]Ahimsa
Jul 11, 2002 6:25 PM
Haha..thats some funny stuff!! haha thanks for a good laugh=) nmBigLeadOutGuy
Jul 12, 2002 7:45 AM
Hmm, 'Cross training'... Allison, what are you really asking?spyderman
Jul 11, 2002 11:45 PM
I'll buy you a helmet if you cross train with me... ;o)
re: My husband is the greatest!!t-bill
Jul 11, 2002 1:39 PM
I wish my wife would drool over bike gear. It would make my life so much more fun. She is the only woman I know (besides her mother - what did I get myself into?) who wasn't born with the shopping gene.

It's nice that you can ride together too. My wife and I ride together on easy tooling-around rides. She doesn't much care for anything "serious" or "competitive".
Don't be so sure.Spoke Wrench
Jul 12, 2002 5:11 AM
My wife generally avoids anything that even looks like a competition - until she spots somebody who she thinks she can beat. Then, out of nowhere, she will unleash an attack to rival Lance on the Alp D'Huez. It's kind of fun riding with her because I never know if or when its going to happen.