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Any tips for drying out clothing after commuting?(17 posts)

Any tips for drying out clothing after commuting?Dave Hickey
Jul 11, 2002 8:20 AM
I rode to work today. It was a typical Texas morning, about 85 degrees(7:00am). My shorts and jersey are ringing wet so I have them draped over a chair in my office. Anyone have any tips for drying them out before my ride home?
got vents?EpicX
Jul 11, 2002 8:27 AM
our office has a/c vents around all the walls blowing upwards. you could hang them over something like that to get some air movement. maybe a sunny window in an empty office/conference room would work too?

or you could stand on your desk and swing them in circles over your head, chamois side out of course. try yelling ' i am the lord of lycra' while doing and watch your co-workers run like hell.
got vents?mbologna
Jul 11, 2002 8:43 AM
I cannot stop laughing out loud, and my employees are currently looking at me trying to figure out what is so funny! Thanks!
re: got vents?zerobug
Jul 11, 2002 9:46 AM
That was the funniest thing ever! (For today anyway)
I have to go get another cup of coffee now.
Heat from computer monitor................................nmchopper
Jul 11, 2002 8:28 AM
Welcome to the Clammy Chamois Club...Gregory Taylor
Jul 11, 2002 8:29 AM
There are ways to dry out your clothes --

I set up a drying rack in one of my filing cabinets. Take a few empty hanging folders and spread you clothes out over them. Hang the shorts chamois side out. Now close the cabinet to keep the sweaty smell in. I had pretty good luck with this. It works best if you have an empty drawer. Do not have your secretary pull documents from your files. I guarantee that it will be the last time that he/she will ever go near your office.

I've also used one of those hot air hand dryers in the Men's Room to dry out stuff.
No, no, no.djg
Jul 11, 2002 9:20 AM
If you close the cabinet drawer it turns into a little sauna and the shorts don't dry and, eventually, the cabinet hardware self combusts.

You get a little deoderant thingy and stick it in there and leave the drawer open a crack. Then the air can pretend to circulate.

The secretary advice is quite good, though.
Maybe that explains why the drawer sticks when I try to open itGregory Taylor
Jul 11, 2002 10:04 AM
The deodorant idea is good. Never had a problem with getting stuff dry, though.
Jul 11, 2002 8:33 AM
I use a small fan (it says "6 inch personal fan" on the base) I bought at Wal*Mart. I plug it in under my desk in my cubicle, drape my clothes over my recycle bin and let the fan blow on them for the next eight hours. I turn my shoes on their sides and face the opening toward the fan also. Everything is nice and dry by the time it's time to ride home. (I like to turn my clothes once or twice during the day to insure even drying, but I don't think that is even necessary.) The 'low' setting works just fine.
Jul 11, 2002 10:17 AM
I second the small fan. That is what I have been using. I hang my clothes on my cubicle wall and the fan close by on top of my 'puter tower. Clothes soaking wet are usually dry in just a couple of hours. When I wash them at home I use a scented fabric softener and that scent stays with them for a while, masking any other stench.

Thanks to all! (nm)Dave Hickey
Jul 11, 2002 8:54 AM
re: Any tips for drying out clothing after commuting?Skip
Jul 11, 2002 9:01 AM
You could use one of those electric closet drying rods.
re: Between the blinds and the window.dzrider
Jul 11, 2002 9:08 AM
It may look weird to the rest of the world but I have two windows, south and east, in my office. I leave the blinds closed and hang my clothes behind them. Nobody has mentioned it.
re: Any tips for drying out clothing after commuting?zippidy
Jul 11, 2002 9:17 AM
turn them inside out... and hand them on a co-workers coat rack (tucked out of sight)... also makes for a quiet office wondering who the heck stinks!?

Honestly... I commute too... I don't attempt to dry them.. just stuff them in my pack (so I don't stink up the office) and live the Ugh when putting them back on... and then rush out of the office. I keep my shoes cleated to my pedals and leave my bike in a storage room for odor control. :)
To get the stink out.........jagiger
Jul 11, 2002 9:58 AM
I'd rinse and wring them out, then place on a hanger before showering. Since these fabrics wick moisture they dry quickly & the moisture settles to the bottom when hung up. So in 15-20 minutes or so, you can wring out the bottom portion which will be damp (repeat if necessary). This will speed up the dry time especially if you have a vent, fan, etc.

I find that rinsing, keeps the odors down & it probably keeps the bacteria in check. When at home, I use anti-bacterial soap & a bucket to rinse, to avoid running the washer. I start to get a rash if I am not careful.
aren't you using quality bike clothes?ET
Jul 11, 2002 10:45 AM
Coolmax-type jersey, lycra bottom? I hang them on a hanger attached by a small hook to my cube wall. They're dry and odorless in no time.
Castelli bibs and jersey nmDave Hickey
Jul 11, 2002 10:48 AM