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best mtb. for US$1000 - help please(4 posts)

best mtb. for US$1000 - help pleaseMJ
Jul 11, 2002 7:09 AM
I know - I'm posting this on the mtb board as well.

Anyways - I have a good friend in Dallas who I used to race NORBA with in the early 1990's. He has a 1989/90 Cannondale bone rattling mtb. with an early model Manitou fork (which can't be repaired or upgraded due to tube sizes changing).

His wife wants to get him a new bike (surprise), and though I'm partial to cross think he should get reacquainted with riding via a mtb.

She has $1000 to spend and is after the best deal. He's particular to Cannondales and she mentioend the Jekyl and Scalpel but will appreciate quality more...

thanks for your advice
Being partial to C'Dale is gonna hurt you...biknben
Jul 11, 2002 7:23 AM
I'd highly recommend you scope out the reviews on It's probably the best way to find out what's available at your price point. You'll get reviews of all the bikes too.

The best C'Dale you're gonna get is an F500. It's probably not much more than a modern version of what he has now. You certainly can't touch the Jekyl or Scalpel with that money unless you go used. Used isn't a bad idea though.
re: best mtb. for US$1000 - help pleaseJekyll
Jul 11, 2002 8:27 AM
biknben is correct when he says that you're going to have very little luck getting a Jekyll or a Scalpel at $1000.
I'm pretty partial to Cannondale MTB's as well (hard to get guess?). Also, Jekyll and Scalpel are pretty different animals. The Jekyll is an all around XC bike. Tons of travel, fairly light (for that kind of travel), quite adjustable to ride preferences. The Scalpel is a short travel XC racing bike. If the guy races the Scalpel is probably a better buy but for almost anything else the Jekyll is a more versatile machine.
Either way, she could probably do OK on either a "low end" Jekyll or Scalpel at around $1500. If $1000 is the most she can spend she may want to look to see if she can still find a GT/Schwinn close out or look at Trek, Giant or Kona, etc for a good bike in that price range.

just my .02...
Jul 12, 2002 4:17 AM
he's not racing anymore these days - I'll have a look over on the MTBR board reviews

she might be willing to stretch to $1500 but maybe looking at the other brands will be a better bet...