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SuperGo does a good one...... Kind of funny(2 posts)

SuperGo does a good one...... Kind of funnyJekyll
Jul 10, 2002 8:13 PM
Just received SuperGo's Summer 2002, Mail Order Edition catalog with a set of Pro Race I ordered.
Leafing through it this afternoon I noticed something pretty funny:
If you look at page 44, at the top is listed the Epix 303 Carbon Road bike (complete) for $749. On page 45 is the "Scattante" CFR carbon road frame at $799 for frame and fork. If you look closely you'll see that the Epix bike has the same frame as the CFR at a $50 dollar savings, plus all the Tiagra junk you can pile up in the corner.
The only difference seems to be that the Epix has an integrated headset and the CFR comes with a traditional version. Fork specs are not listed for the CFR, anyone wanna make a bet.........?
I'm not saying anything about the quality of either bike but the marketing blunder is a beauty. Let's see what brain surgeon thought of this? Why not put a complete bike across from an identical frame set at a $50 savings, no less.....
They're close....Niwot
Jul 10, 2002 9:53 PM
I think the frames are slightly different. The Scattante size 56 has a 74 degree head angle, the Epix has 73. The "joints" look slightly different as well.

The CFR has a fork with carbon steerer (see the picture on p. 45), the Epix has a fork with alloy steerer.

The Epix has a butt-ugly paint job, the Scattante looks decent, if you care about those things.

The Scattante frame is made by Pedal Force in Taiwan, see

As for the Tiagra, think of it this way: If the frames were the same value, they would be paying you $50 for the trouble of taking the Tiagra stuff off and throwing it away. Which seems about right.