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handlebar creaks(3 posts)

handlebar creaksrufus
Jul 10, 2002 3:47 PM
over the past couple of weeks, i've been trying to track down an annoying creak/ticking noise. at first i thought it was the bottom bracket, so i took it to the shop and they pulled and regreased everything, said everything was ok.

meanwhile, i had pulled, regreased and tightened everything i could think of that could be the culprit, including the bars, stem, chainring bolts, seatpost and clamp, headset lock nut. creaking returned, so i regreased the bars again, sanding the inside of the stem clamp, putting it all back together.

today the creak is back, and it's definitely the bars, as it'll creak with my hands on them, but won't when i pedal no-hands. i'm gonna pull, sand and re-grease again, but would love any tips you guys might have.

also, i noticed that the bar is pretty scarred up in the clamping area, and know that a scratch can lead to a crack. would a bar replacement be the best fix?
re: handlebar creaksBigLeadOutGuy
Jul 11, 2002 7:55 AM
If your using a quill stem make sure you grease inside the fork steering tube...Thats probably where your creak is coming from.
re: handlebar creaksrufus
Jul 11, 2002 8:22 AM
did that too. this morning i unwrapped the entire bar, pulled the levers off, then roughed up the clamp area of the stem, bar and greased everything, even the lever clamps, and stuck it all back together. pulled the stem also, and heavily greased the tube and the quill.

the one thing i changed was to use pedro's syngrease instead of the phil's grease that i usually use. the pedro's is a bit slimier, not as gel-like, so i thought maybe it would ooze into and fill spaces better, coating everything better. we'll see how it goes when i'm out riding today.