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what distance between the crank arm and my foot?(3 posts)

what distance between the crank arm and my foot?TomS
Jul 10, 2002 12:42 PM
I just recently switched from spd (mountain, not spd-r) to look pedals, and when I have the cleats centered on my new road shoes, my feet are much closer to the crank arms than they were with my old mtn bike shoes (with the spd cleats centered). Actually they were almost rubbing at first, so I moved the cleats inward a bit, but didn't want to go too far; now there's just a teeeeny bit of clearance there. Is that a normal thing coming from mountain to road shoes and pedals?

The reason I ask is that on my first few rides with the new pedals/shoes I had some knee pain that I'd never had before; after raising the seat a bit that's going away, but I want to make sure my cleats are also setup right. I'm pretty sure I have the right angle and fore/aft position, i've just never worried about the side-to-side position until now; I've never had my feet rub against the crank arm before either!

Is there some rule of thumb to setting this up? Is this what "q factor" refers to? (I'm using pi vaper's with look pp396 pedals and red cleats if it makes a difference) Thanks!
Q factorelviento
Jul 10, 2002 1:16 PM
THis is what's called Q factor. Many people think it's more efficient to have a low Q factor (feet closer to BB) -- it does cause less frame flex, but I think whatever is most comfortable is best. Everyone has different hip/leg/foot structures, and there is no way to tell by theory/formula. For some people with narrow hips, "Dura Ace" letters will be gone from the cranks after a couple of rides. Others, hardly ever rub their shoes agains cranks.

You just need to tweak the cleat position a little and test ride to find the optimal. Besides, I suspect it's a bad idea to dramatically decrease your Q factor as you go from MTB to road.
re: what distance between the crank arm and my foot?pa rider
Jul 11, 2002 5:17 AM
Hi Tom. I got both of my bikes cleats fitted last year. My lbs moved my cleats and showed me how you adjust them. You foot cleat is aligned to the ball of your foot on the outside of your foot.

Lee just put the cleat in the position that my ball of my foot aligned over the axle of the pedal. To further prove that he had my foot aligned correctly he used a pin tool.

He attached this deviced, with a red and white rod to my pedal. when he was setting my cleat he had me ride my bike on a trainer and spin awhile to get the seat position. When I had the rods on, they're suppose to be over each other, vertical, as you pedal the bike. This shows that he had my cleats and seat position correct.

I had him set two other pair of shoes for me by just eye balling the cleat to where the ball position is on the shoe. This is a simpler way than how I use to put the cleat. Plus the cleat is further forward for me compared to how I use to keep them back farther (My foot cleat was on the center of pedal axle).

Hope I didn't confuse you.