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Caught in Rain on way home....(14 posts)

Caught in Rain on way home....Lowend
Jul 10, 2002 6:06 AM
Before I left work, the sky was getting dark the wind was picking up, I just knew it was going to rain. But, I did not want to take the bus or wait an hour for my wife to pick me up. I could be home in about forty minutes. I got half way home on my 10 mile commute and the skys opened up. It was wonderful. At first I was making great time trying to beat the rain, then the rain came and it was so refreshing. I took my time and enjoyed the ride. When I got home, I was so wet that when I walked, water came squirting out of my shoes. I know riding in the rain is dangerous, but it is so much fun. Cool and refreshing.
Walking out the door in the rain is tough. Gettingbill
Jul 10, 2002 6:56 AM
caught in the rain, even in the cold rain, is just so not bad all the way up to pretty damn exhilirating. On the second day of the AIDSRide, the skies opened. Wind whipping, huge drops, thunder and lightning. That last seven miles that day, solo, were my fastest of the whole tour. And it was great.
Glad you had a good one.
Yeah, I got caught too...dzrider
Jul 10, 2002 7:36 AM
My boys were at a swim meet and I rode up after the thunder and lightning had started. One of the moms yelled at me for setting a terrible example. I thought the example was that people and bikes don't melt, but wtf do I know? It led to a discussion of whether bike tires were adequate insulation against lightning strikes. We all agreed that falling branches were a potential problem.

My wife saw my head light from about 300 yards, knew that it was me and thought "What is that a-hole doing?" Later she admitted that if she'd been riding she would have done the same thing. I find it really hard to start a ride in the rain. Mostly cause I dread cleaning the bike afterward. When I get caught in the rain if it's warm enough it's fun.
Yeah, I got caught too...Skip
Jul 10, 2002 3:03 PM
Just an aside, DZ. It's not the rubber tires that protect the vehicle's occupants from lightening, but rather the steel cage around them.
Rode through a sun shower a few weeks agoKristin
Jul 10, 2002 8:26 AM
I was riding down Warrenville Road to pick up my car from the shop. It had rained earlier, but the sun was now shinning and there were only a few, small coulds about. It was still windy, so when a few drops of water hit me, I figured it was from a nearby fountain. Nope, it was raining. And coming down pretty good even. Perfectly sunny and raining. People were looking around with that, "what the..." expression on their faces. I have no idea where it was coming from, but it was refreshing.

Rain Haiku:

Rain rides not so bad
Just so long as it stays warm
Kinda fun even

Splashing through puddles,
thump, thump on helmet, we lycra,
Just be sure...eyewear

Perhaps as reward
You will be blessed with rainbow
Those on duffs will miss

One downside to wet ride
Bits o' dried worm on down tube
Then again, good eats

Bug bit recipes:
Add flavor to protein shake
or top steamed veggies

Two downside to wet ride
Careful of that first step down
Cleats become speed skates
Was this on a Friday?MisJG
Jul 10, 2002 10:47 AM
I think I was riding in that same storm! I work on Warrenville and commute to work on Mondays and Fridays. A couple-o-weeks ago, it was raining on and off all day. I wish I had a dollar for every knucklehead that came by my desk that day to poke fun when the rain started. It would just as quickly stop and I would assure everyone, "I'll catch a window for my ride home." Well, I caught a window, but about half-way home (down Yackley/College) the sky's opened up and it poured for about a minute, all while the sun was shining! It felt good 'cause it was blazing hot out. I was dry (except for sweat) by the time I got home. I agree, it's tough to start a ride in the rain, but if the rain starts after I am riding, I only stop for lightning.
Jul 10, 2002 11:13 AM
I don't remember the day, but it was when they told me that my Buick was dying. It would have been around 5pm and I was around Yackley as well. Do you ride the entire length of Warrenville Road? I've probably seen you.
Not while commutingMisJG
Jul 10, 2002 11:23 AM
I ride the length of Warrenville rd while training, but not while commuting. When training, 1997 Cannondale R500, Blue. Commuting: 1987 Schwinn LeTour, White w/ black and red panniers (and Grateful Dead stickers covering the scratches!). My office is very near the intersection of Yackley and Warrenville (second light West, South side. Westwood of Lisle), so most of my commute is along Yackley/College/Werlhi. I get out of work at 3:30 PM, so by the time I change into my cycling clothes, it's about 3:45 when I get on the road. Training could be anytime, evenings or weekends. . .
Jul 10, 2002 11:32 AM
Well, I work at the tip of Warrenville Road, right accross from the Shell Station at Belmont, Warrenville and Ogden. I see a few regular riders out there. Sometimes I drag my bike in for a lunchtime ride. (I Should have done that today. I won't get to ride again till next Tuesday.)
At Fannie May?!MisJG
Jul 10, 2002 11:41 AM
That's gotta be a tough gig. . . temptation everywhere!! lol
No no, your other leftKristin
Jul 10, 2002 12:03 PM
Sounds like a fun job, but no thanks. Making candy and selling it to bus loads of seniors for $5.50/hour sounds like fun, but... Then again, I think I'd hurl if I had to smell chocolate all day--which could be a good craving management tool. No, I work on the other side "accross the street."
Then you should be able to get a good deal on a new car!MisJG
Jul 11, 2002 8:27 AM
Or on a new "team car" as I like to refer to my car. I've got a roof rack on my cavalier, so it is the designated transportation to any event involving riding a bike that is too far away to just ride to. i.e The Melon Metric this Sunday, Psychos in August, etc.
On scale of 1-10, 10 being hellish, riding in rain is ...Humma Hah
Jul 10, 2002 2:29 PM
... maybe a 2. That's a nice warm rain. Not bad at all. Just stay away from standing water, 'cause there's glass in there and it gets stirred up by the front wheel and flats your rear.

I'd recommend against lightning, though.
road in the dry today...mike r
Jul 10, 2002 3:09 PM
for the first time in weeks, it didn't rain.
the sun actually shone today. here in ireland we're having the worst summer in living memory.