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One bike or Two bikes...need some advice.(12 posts)

One bike or Two bikes...need some advice.mlbd
Jul 10, 2002 4:34 AM
I have a steel ride now that I like okay (Lemond Buenos Aires with some upgrades). It was my first road bike and wasn't the ideal purchase for me but i do like it okay. However, I want something lighter and racier. Here's my choices:

1) get a $1300-$1500 aluminum ride (probably used or from and keep my Lemond (I don't think I'll like aluminum for long rides). Two bikes for different purposes: aluminum for fast rides; steel for long rides.

2) Buy a $2000-$2500 carbon or Ti setup (used or new) and sell my Lemond. One bike that is good (light, tighter geometry, comfortable) for all my rides.

So far test rides have not settled the issue (though i REALLY like the Trek 5200). The net cost for option 2 is probably $300-$500 more than for option 1, which by itself is not a deal breaker

Does it make sense to have two good (but not great bikes)? Or should invest a bit more and get a bike I truly lust over (such as the 5200; still waiting to test ride a Ti bike such as Airborne)?

Decisions, decisions. Thanks.
i've just been through this...JS Haiku Shop
Jul 10, 2002 4:42 AM
started with one passable aluminum bike, bought another with the same group (9 speed 105) and a carbon fork (and a triple, for those hilly out of town rides),...was really glad to have two rideable bikes and two wheelsets, when parts or maintenance eventually went awry on one or the other.

now, the story's changed. i have the triple/Aluminum/carbon fork bike, bought a chorus-equipped steel bike (suh-weet!), sold the first Al bike on ebay, and now have only one of each group: 9 speed 105 and 10 speed chorus. as you may know, the wheelsets aren't compatable.

the "gotcha" comes in where you can either have one or two sets of the same stuff, so there are spares that are interchangeable (spelling?) between bikes. of course, once you go to a nicer bike and nicer group, it's going to be difficult to justify spending alot less for alot lower quality frame & kit.

so, my advice (fwiw): get another frame with a compatable group.

regarding GVH, i hate to keep talking him up, but i'm working on my 3rd purchase from him...can't say enough good stuff about the man.

good luck.
re: One bike or Two bikes...need some advice.tronracer
Jul 10, 2002 4:42 AM
You'll never get rid of bike lust, if you don't spring for the one you really want. You won't miss the few hundred in time, but you'll kick yourself for not getting the "bike you truly lust over."
Agreed. Why get a bike you may regretJL
Jul 10, 2002 4:50 AM
buying later on? Unless there's other information your not saying (financial or other circumstances) why not buy the bike you're lusting over? Then you won't have 2 bikes that you kind of like.

BTW, I really like my 5200. I don't regret the purchase one bit.

Good luck with the decision.

Happy riding.

re: One bike or Two bikes...need some advice.stik__boy
Jul 10, 2002 4:49 AM
lemond makes a REALLY sweet ti bike......
The most expensive bike you will ever buy...Spoke Wrench
Jul 10, 2002 4:55 AM
is the one you that get insted of the one you really want.
Well that said wasMel Erickson
Jul 10, 2002 5:24 AM
Late with the morning coffee?
That IS the truth, profoundly so. Well spoken Spoke. (NM)loop
Jul 10, 2002 5:25 AM
re: One bike or Two bikes...need some advice.cycleguy
Jul 10, 2002 5:06 AM
I have been going through the same process for the past four years. Started out with an AL. bike that I wanted to upgrade. Bought a 5200 instead and love it. But bike lust still held me prisoner and the next year I bought an Italian steel lugged frame. I now find myself only riding the steel frame. I'm not trying to say one bike is better. I just ride the one that I like to ride the most. But I don't think you will ride the al. because it is faster and the steel because it might ride better. If I were you I would get the best bike you can and ride it all the time. And the 5200 is a great bike!
If you have two bikes they start breeding!dzrider
Jul 10, 2002 5:59 AM
The next hot bike that catches your eye will likely cost more than the last one. More bikes and better bike will, over the long haul, have very similar effects on your cash flow. Either will consume all that you allow. Satisfy yourself! There is no correct or permanent answer to this dilemma.
So what if ...Ted
Jul 10, 2002 7:12 AM
One is Shimano and one is Campy. Is that called cross breeding? Hmm could make it interesting .... :)

satisfy your lust..dotkaye
Jul 10, 2002 10:23 AM
take option 2 with a rider.. buy an old steel beater bike for a spare. You can get a nice rideable old steel bike complete for a couple hundred. Once I had only one bike, when the frame cracked I was rideless for a month: had to borrow a bike to race on, which really sucked. Now have a fast-feeling alu Trek, and an old Paramount for charity rides, centuries, etc. But the Paramount is quite good enough to race on in a pinch.