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Help with nether regions problems...(graphic, beware)(7 posts)

Help with nether regions problems...(graphic, beware)MVN
Jul 9, 2002 12:52 PM
A few months ago I went to a urologist with epidydimitis. He treated it with antibiotics and it went away. He thought that riding could possibly be the culprit. I recently started having soreness and some urination problems. I can't ride over 25-30 miles without getting pain in the perineal area. This happens even though I have a saddle with a cutout (2002 Spec. BG Sport). My LBS guy told me that I would have to gradually increase the length of my rides in order to toughen up so I can ride longer rides. Possible causes I thought of include too much weight on my backside and not enough on my hands, maybe a crappy saddle even though it's comfortable up to 25-30 miles, and the fact that I stayed in my riding clothes too long on the 4th. I had a flat and was near home so I decided to go in and fix it. Well, my tires (Spec. Armadillo's) aren't the easiest to get on and off and I ruined a tube trying to fix the flat. It took much longer than I expected. Maybe staying in wet clothes, then fixing the flat and going out again to ride for another hour was too much. What I'm experiencing now feels like a prostate infection. Should I raise my seat so the weight is shifted a little more to the front? My seat is just a little above my bars right now, not even an inch. My saddle is tilted just a touch forward for comfort. Has anyone else ever had a similar problem? If so, do you have any suggestions for me? Any thoughts would be appreciated. I have a Dr.'s appointment Friday morning. Same Dr., so I'm sure I'll hear the argument that cycling is the cause, or at least partly responsible. I've heard that pro's sometimes have urinary tract/prostate problems. Thanks for your time.
re: Help with nether regions problems...(graphic, beware)brider
Jul 9, 2002 1:25 PM
The cutout saddle may indeed be a partial cause -- most people don't sit sqarely on the saddle, so the cutout just provides sharper corners to dig into flesh. You may need to fiddle with the tilt some. Start level, then make SLIGHT adjustments. Check your top tube length (actually reach to the bars). If it's too long, you'll have a tendency to rotate the pelvis forward to reach, placing more pressure on the perineum. And if you can find them, Quick Sticks help tremendously in getting off and putting on tight tires.
re: Help with nether regions problems...(graphic, beware)No_sprint
Jul 9, 2002 1:41 PM
In my opinion this is one of many classic symptoms of a misfit bike. You could very well be on too big of a bike.
Really?? tell me more...MVN
Jul 9, 2002 1:53 PM
My inseam is 30.3, I'm 5'10 1/2" and I'm riding a 54cm frame (actual TT length is 53.6cm). I tried a 52, but it felt too small. The bike fit tool on Performance's web site says I should ride a 51. I'm really stretched out too. My saddle is almost all the way back on the rails, but that's where I've gotten used to it. I feel cramped if I slide it up a little. My bars are angled so the ends are pointing just below the rear brake. I'd appreciate any insight. Any suggestions?
Really?? tell me more...No_sprint
Jul 9, 2002 2:13 PM
I've got no suggestions for you as I'm no doctor. I'll tell you my experience though. I have a similar inseam but I am shorter overall than you by 2 inches. With a 54 cm c-t bike you likely have no top tube clearance and cannot stand over your bike without shoes. Firstly, you may be comfortable, but your bike is not optimally fit for you if this is the case. At our inseam a 53 c-t offers no standover clearance.

You have a very long torso as mine is slightly long at my height/inseam relationship. I felt misfit on several 53s but rode them for years as that's what I was fit on several times. I moved down 2 cms for one of my crit bikes a couple years ago and man, I am so much happier!!!!!!! I also prefer a really aggressive drop. One of my other and probably my most comfy bike is a slightly sloped, somewhat compact, slack seat tube bike. The size is 52cm. See Klein for the QPro geometry on that one if you'd like.

No suggestions for you, as you seem pretty confident that you're most comfortable with your current setup. I'm sure there is plenty of chance that your problem is not fit.

As the poster stated above, too long a bike and the rider tends to roll forward on the seat in a sensitive region.

In my opinion you are a good candidate for a custom built bike.

Good luck!
re: Help with nether regions problems...(graphic, beware)zray61
Jul 9, 2002 5:38 PM
I do think staying off the bike till the doctor's appointment on Friday is advisable.

You are talking of saddle height as something relative to the handlebars.
That relationship is correct only after your correct saddle height is determined. Saddle height is the distance from the top of the seat to the center of the peddle spindle. Most of the time saddle height is set incorrectly. The ColoradoCyclist in their fit section explains one way of measuring and attaining saddle height. The reason I'm so aware of this measurement is that two weeks ago I went for a bike sizing at my local Serotta dealer and found that my saddle height was set 2cm too high. What a difference that adjustment made to my comfort.

See if you can find someone in your area who is known for fittings.
A Serotta dealer or a custom bike shop. It is money well spent.
Thanks all...I have Dr.'s appointment Fri. and a fitting Wed.MVN
Jul 9, 2002 7:20 PM