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Can you help with these three noises from the bike? Yikes.(5 posts)

Can you help with these three noises from the bike? Yikes.128
Jul 9, 2002 9:04 AM
Cleaned the tranny (600 group) well: lightly w/the degreaser and then dry lube) for the first time since the shop overhauled it (500 miles ago- I've cleand it more than once, this was the first 'good' cleaning), and of course, I get noises. Lubed it after the ride but havn't taken it out since. Never a bad noise and then three within an hour. And of course I'm really far from home. Is it 'too clean' and needs more lubricant?? Re-pack bearings? Erg!

Noises: In order

1. From rear hub I guess: "tik....tik....tik....tik...etc" As if a bearing and the grease all of a sudden dissapeared. It wasn't my shoelace hitting the crank, or the little valve bolt, and tested all hex for tightness. Hmmm.

2. High pitch sound (like a loose steering belt in an auto) coming from the RD area. I got a lot of old gunk off the ceramic pulleys during the cleaning. Flip the bike, run the chain; no noise. Back on the bike; same noise. Really high pitched too. ??

3. Same as 1. "tik...tik..." from front hub area.

Any thoughts would be very much appreciated. Going out tonight and will see if the 're-lube', as recommended on the bottle, makes a difference.

Good cleaning gone badJuanmoretime
Jul 9, 2002 9:59 AM

I think you over cleaned. I may soak a part in degreaser or take the chain off to degrease it but never spray the whole drive train. The bushing in the derailluer are designed to be dry. You may have washed some of the grease out of your rear and front hub. Did you spray it with a hose? If so, either rebuilt your hubs and pull the pulleys from the rear derailluer and wipe them dry or have your LBS do it.
Good loving gone bad128
Jul 9, 2002 11:27 AM
no didn't spray it with a hose (save that for the mtn bike). and didn't spray it too much either. just a gentle squeeze of the rag over the rings and derailers, then a little toothbrush action then a gentle squeeze of water to rinse, dry and lube. i'll just repack the whole thing....I'd be surprised if that cleaning did that much cleaning. But maybe it's not as sealed up as I would expect, or it's a more external contact than I thought.

You do s'pose the grease could be removed from vital areas buy such cleaning? not IN the hub of course, but near to in it, like, the outer edge area?
To wipe the pulleys dry: just use the hex wrench to remove, wipe and reinstall? nothing deeper than that?

ps: thank you
re: Can you help with these three noises from the bike? Yikes.BrokenSpoke
Jul 9, 2002 10:46 AM
Just a thought but if you are running a cyclecomputer with a cadnece pickup, the tik, tik, tik, could be the wheel magnet striking the pickups. As far as the ceramic pully's. pull off the side plates and put a little Phil Wood tenacious oil and the noise will go away.
How about a spoke wrench? Do those little nuts ever rattle?128
Jul 9, 2002 11:33 AM
Yup. Thought of that, the copmputer cable, not it. Maybe I'll just slather 10w40 and butter on it...